View the ACLU's 'BIDEN-HARRIS TO-DO LIST' - and continue to push for bold measures

View the ACLU's BIDEN-HARRIS TO-DO LIST - and continue to push for bold measures from this incoming administration that serve to tackle pivotal issues across criminal justice, immigrants' rights, voting, disability rights, speech, privacy, and more.  Here's the link! We're here: 2021. But rest assured, the ACLU isn't letting up from the fight – not now, not ever. Because after four years of Trump's unconstitutional assaults, and a pandemic that continues to impact every aspect of our daily lives, what happens next is going to be critical. A new Congress is already in session, and on January 20th, the Biden-Harris administration takes office. From that point forward, every action must count when it comes to protecting people's rights. That's why we've already begun pushing the President- and Vice President-elect on key priorities for their first 100 days and beyond – from rescinding the Muslim ban to ending the racist War on Drugs to reversing Trump-era discrimination in our health care. Our country faces overlapping crises right now, Friend Of ACLU. We have yet to see a COVID-19 relief package that equitably protects all of us. Civil liberties, like abortion access and LGBTQ rights, once defended in the Supreme Court may now be in jeopardy. And racial injustice against our Black and Brown communities – pervasive in our systems and amplified by racist rhetoric and policy – have still not been earnestly addressed. That's why 2021 cannot be a moment to slow down. We will need passionate activists like you with us. So please read up on our full list of recommendations to Biden-Harris today – and be ready to take action soon. Contact: