2009/01/08: Prevent the Next Coal Sludge Disaster

Join with WNPJ member group 1Sky in their call for a ban on new coal plants, a call that has been made even more unrgent due to the recent spill of thousands of tons of coal ash near a Tennessee Valley Authority coal plant. The coal sludge contains high levels of  toxic metals, like lead and arsenic, and is nearly 50 times as large as the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. Every coal plant produces toxic ash, and there are hundreds of "holding ponds" like the one in Tennessee, scattered all over the nation. As 1Sky says, "This was not a natural disaster. This was a man-made disaster, directly tied to our reliance on fossil fuels." Click here for 1Sky's message form, which will automatically send a "no new coal plants" message to your member of Congress, and you can add your own thoughts as well.