Milwaukee IWOC Report on Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in the Wisconsin Prison System

Milwaukee IWOC has recently written a report on abuse, neglect, and exploitation in the Wisconsin prison system, we thought you would be interested in seeing this and helping spread it widely. They used public records and the words of incarcerated people to try and present a systematic summary of a few (obviously not all) issues. You can read the full report here:

To get involved with this work, fill out our volunteer Help the Work Along form here or email us at Contact us if you want to talk with someone active in this work over email, by phone or in person about the best way to help.

In fighting against prison slavery, we have goals, strategy, and tactics. Goals are specific things that we want to change, they are situations that we want to make through our actions. Our strategy is the way that we try to achieve these goals, it is the general and large-scale side. Our tactics are specific things we do to advance our strategy and achieve our goals, smaller scale things that we day-to-day. It’s important that we have alignment between our strategy and tactics, that our day-to-day actions connect with and the changes that we want to see.

There are many different tactics that we use to advance specific goals involved in our work, and the long-term goals of ending prisons and abolishing capitalism. These tactics provide a lot of different ways for people to help out. People can help the work along by doing research, mass mailings, responding to prisoner letters, typing up letters, doing mass pressure phone and email zaps, visiting people in prison, showing up at DOC meetings and events, helping with media contacts and doing outreach.

For more information on what’s involved with each tactics, how-to guides and training resources on how to do different specific tasks, go here. To see victories that have come from some of the tactics we’ve used go here. To attend our next working meeting or formal meetings, go here and look for the next End Prison Slavery event.

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