2009/01/02: "Bring Our Troops Home" Benefit for WNPJ - Madison


Save the date: Jan. 11th - Sunday - 5:30 - 9:30 pm - Harmony Bar and Grill, 2201 Atwood Ave, near eastside, Madison.

Music with Carmen Lee and the Tomorrow River Two - and Jason Moon, acoustic guitar (IVAW) - tales of Todd Dennis- special guests to talk of "Keeping the Guard Home" campaign - counter-recruitment - VFP and IVAW work - and more! Em-ceed by Steve Burns - open mic!

All welcome as we celebrate Todd Dennis' Graduation & Fundraising Party for WNPJ - Madison





$10 suggested donation- sliding scale. Donations to WNPJ appreciated - mail to WNPJ, 122 State St. #402, Madison WI 53703 (tax deductible). The funds will help offset costs of speaking tours Todd is planning for WNPJ this Spring - reaching out across the state to connect those working on anti-military issues -

- in high schools - to keep the military recruiters away from kids - with opt-in plans, not opt-out.

- with our WNPJ member groups - bringing this speaker to your meetings across the state - in public libraries and classrooms

- coordinating the work of our 5 WNPJ Veterans for Peace groups across the state.

- on our WNPJ website: www.wnpj.org - Todd will be maintaining information pages to help you in your work, wherever you on - on counter recruitment issues.

If you'd like to invite Todd to visit your community this Spring, or you'd like to add a note of "congratulations" on his graduation - contact info: todd@ivaw.org


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