Trans-Affirming Statement

Trans-Affirming Statement
March 2, 2017
Last year, 2016, we saw the highest number of reported murders of trans people ever recorded: 27. We have started this year on track to break that record. Seven trans women were killed in the first two months of 2017. The vast majority of those killed have been trans women of color, and in particular Black trans women. This year we have seen the rollback of federal protections for trans youth in schools through executive order, and other planned legislative and institutional assaults on transgender rights across the country.  
Intolerance and hate towards a group of people ultimately only causes harm. This kind of behavior and tactic is not welcome in Madison or Wisconsin progressive, environmentalist, racial justice, and social justice communities. Trans exclusionary politics, the targeting of trans people, and the promotion of hatred towards trans people has no place in our work for peace, justice, and sustainability, particularly in a time when violence -- state-sanctioned and otherwise -- against trans people is on the rise.
The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice is committed to the vision of a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Our mission is to advance a sustainable world free from violence and injustice by connecting, engaging, and strengthening member groups and serving as a catalyst for community organizing and education. One of our core values is to respect and celebrate the dignity of all humans and of all life. Another is that we recognize that racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression are systemic and intersectional, and we must challenge those oppressions in all of our work.
Trans exclusionary politics undermine protections for trans youth and adults, leading to institutional and interpersonal violence against trans people and trans suicide. In 2014 we lost a trans youth who was involved in the WNPJ network and are working closely with his mother to fight back and educate people about trans identity and creating trans acceptance.
We cannot tolerate anti-trans action or rhetoric in our network in the same way that we won’t tolerate patriarchy, ableism, nationalism, religious oppression, racism, heterosexism, classism, or ageism.