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Action Alerts for the week of Dec. 21st


Action Alert 1: Celebrate a Memorable Moment in History this week: the Christmas Truce of 1914                                                          

“INDIAN” MASCOTS: Your part in ending a legacy of racism


Background: The use of racist and derogatory “Indian” sports mascots, logos, and symbols has perpetuated negative stereotypes of America’s first peoples. Rather than honoring Native peoples, these caricatures and stereotypes contribute to a disregard for the diverse cultural heritages of Native peoples.


Action Alerts for November 24th

Action Alert 1:Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ferguson - statewide
Action Alert 2: It's Time to Make Your Peace Wreaths
Action Alert 3: Watch as Iraqi Refugees Bring Their Stories to Americans
Action Alert 4A WNPJ Member Group can provide small grants and/or serve as a fiscal agent - for your group


Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ferguson

Find a toolkit for conversations around #blacklivesmatter here:

Ferguson to Madison:

Make a difference to a WNPJ member group with your end-of year donation

Here's something to think about......                                                                           

Action Alerts for November 13th

Action Alerts....

Action Alert 1: Support VCNV's Afghan Duvet Project...and more

Action Alerts and Member Group Events for the Week of November 3, 2014

Action Alert 1: VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th - Say YES to BADGERCARE.
Action Alert 2: VOTE to say 'corporations are NOT people'
Action Alert 3: Madison SCFL requests supplies for 'Get Out the Vote' volunteers today (Monday, Nov. 3rd)
Action Alert 4: Register for a Conference on Palestine/Israel - Madison Nov. 7 - 8


WNPJ Action Alerts for Oct. 23rd

Action Alert 1: Join the WNPJ Strategic Planning Process 
Action Alert 2: Help Stop Frac Sand Trains
Action Alert 3Speak out at the pipeline hearing in Dane County
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