Action Alert

Action Alerts: September 1, 2015

Action Alert 1: Call for Nominations
Action Alert 2: Help End Trans Exclusions in Health Care Coverage
Action Alert 3: Join the MAMA Frac Sand Mines Tour

Add Your Voice to End Trans Exclusions in Dane County Health Care Coverage

Fill out this Google Form.

Ending Trans Exclusions in Dane County Health Care Coverage

Know any one who deserves recognition?

Use this online form to nominate people for the WI Network for Peace and Justice's (WNPJ's) Peacemaker of the Year or Dennis Bergren LGBTQ Advocacy Awards! Nominations are due by Sept 14th and are presented at WNPJ's fall reception.

Action Alerts: Today and This Week, August 25th 2015

Action Alert 1: Let it Shine! Vigil at Volk Field Today at 3:30
Action Alert 2: Say No to War! Wednesday at 12:00 noon
Action Alert 3: Honoring Dennis Bergren and Art Lloyd
Action Alert 4: #BlackTransLivesMatter Action and Call


Just when you thought it was over... An update from the Central Sands

Just in time for another holiday weekend here is the latest in the Richfield CAFO’s attempts to move forward despite our successes.  The DNR is poised to issue a modified WPDES permit (waste spreading) to the dairy without batting an eye or taking into

Meet us at the Energy Fair!


Pancakes For Peace, Tar Sands March, Say NO To Expanded Prisons

Action Alert 1: Get on the bus against tar sands pipeline
Action Alert 2: Flip pancakes for peace
Action Alert 3: Say NO to expanding the prison system
Action Alert 1: Get on the bus against tar sands pipeline

When Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

By Eric Hansen, Wisconsin-based author and activist

A few years back I walked 1,700 miles while researching Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula books, experiencing firsthand many of the magnificent shorelines, sparkling streams and memorable natural areas the current crude oil invasion threatens.

It is heartbreaking to imagine globs of spilled tar sands crude oil smothering those places — or an oil train explosion decimating one of our communities.

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