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2008/09/26: Representative Tammy Baldwin, Madison, Calls for Executive Accountabilility

Representative Tammy Baldwin Calls for Executive Accountability To Reverse Illegal Actions and Prevent Further Abuses:

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has introduced the Executive Branch Accountability Act of 2008, calling on the next President to reverse the damaging and illegal actions taken by the Bush/Cheney Administration and to collaborate with Congress to proactively prevent any further abuses of executive branch power.

2008/09/30: Update on CONTAMINATED ARMY SITE, Merrimac




Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) is challenging a plan to allow road construction through a highly contaminated area at Badger Army Ammunition Plant.  The Army is seeking permission from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to leave elevated levels of soil contaminants in an area that will be "highly disturbed" by earthmoving activities for realignment of U.S. Highway 78.  Any residual contamination in and around the project area, Army officials said, will ultimately be the responsibility of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


2008/09/30: Call your Senator TODAY about the India nuclear cooperation deal

Please call your Senator TODAY

On Saturday, the House of Representatives narrowly approved the India nuclear cooperation deal. Now, with only a few days left in the legislative session, the Bush Administration is pushing for a quick vote in the Senate.

Your Senator has expressed opposition to the India nuclear deal in the past. Please CALL to thank your Senator and urge continued opposition.
This opposition could prevent a vote in the Senate.

2008/09/29: Congress votes TODAY on $700 billion Wall Street bailout

Economist Nouriel Roubini, who accurately predicted the crisis when Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was still claiming the “fundamentals of our economy are sound”, describes the bailout as "a disgrace" and "a bailout of reckless bankers, lenders and investors that provides little direct debt relief to borrowers and financially stressed households and that will come at a very high cost to the US taxpayer.”

2008/09/26: WDC E-LERT on the Bail-out

In this update:
1. Incumbents lean on special interests to protect status quo
2. Why a federal bailout is close to inevitable
3. What's behind voter cross-check lawsuit

2008/09/26: Act Now to Help Cuba -- Devastated by Two 'Category 4' Hurricanes!

Act Now to Help Cuba -- Devastated by Two 'Category 4' Hurricanes!

Despite significant damage and a number of deaths and injuries in the US, our officials have openly expressed relief that we avoided being hit by the "storm of the century," as Hurricanes Gustav & Ike hit the U.S. with much less force than once feared.

2008/09/24: Call your national representatives and tell them to oppose the U.S.-India nuclear deal.

Stop US-India Nuclear Deal
Congress may vote this week!

Earlier this month, the Bush administration bullied 45 countries into lifting a 30-year ban on nuclear trade with India - a ban put into place because of India's history of failure to comply with international treaties designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.  The Bush administration has been pushing for an agreement with India to trade nuclear technology and material with India which may allow India to build more nuclear weapons.

2008/09/24: Voter irregularity in Wisconsin - Action needed

Hundreds of thousands of legal voters are at risk - but utter silence from the McCain campaign.

Media are reporting Wisconsinites have received absentee ballot applications from the John McCain for President campaign with incorrect return addresses, which would likely prevent registration and processing from being completed.

We need answers about this McCain mailing immediately and we need a full investigation by law enforcement.

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