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2008/10/15: Contact your legislators to call Homeland Security Chief to ask that he "issue a U- and T-visa fee waiver guidance" for immigrant justice

Action requested by the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women: Persons who are not citizens, and have been victims of crime (including trafficked victims), must pay high fees in order to overcome the problem of lacking a passport.

2008/10/14: Make sure your vote counts!

Make sure your vote counts! Millions of votes were not counted in 2000 & 2004.

2008/10/13: Today Join the Nationwide Call-in Day to St. Paul officials to demand that all charges against RNC protestors be dropped!

During the Republican National Convention in early September, St. Paul was a police state complete with steel fences, protest pens, military- style checkpoints, and thousands of riot police. Before protests even began, police raided homes and activist gathering spaces, detaining hundreds of people and confiscating people's belongings.

Throughout the RNC, the police systematically violated the rights of thousands, violently attacked protesters, and arrested over 800 people. St. Paul city officials were complicit in enabling this scenario, and now they need to hear from you!

2008/10/13: U.S. peace activists stand in solidarity with Iraqi nonviolent action campaign

This week marks the first 2008 Week of Nonviolence in Iraq, organized by the Iraqi peace organization LaOnf. Activities, which will take place in each of Iraq's 18 governorates, are part of LaOnf's ongoing work to build a culture of peace in Iraq.  September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows is asking U.S. peace activists  to plan local events to inform the public of the nonviolent actions for peace being undertaken in Iraq, to sign on to an international letter of support, and even to email photos expressing their solidarity to Iraqi activists.

2008/10/10: WNPJ group of the Week: Winds of Peace: Projects in Vietnam

We have received an offer for a matching grant to build a Compassion House for a poor family in Vietnam. The poverty that these families live in defies imagination. One woman lived with her four children in a 'house' that consisted of three walls made of plastic tarp. What did she do during the monsoon rains? Another woman lived with her child on the beach.

2008/10/10: Iraqi Organizations Launch Third Annual Week of Nonviolent Action All Across Iraq

October 11 - 16: Iraqi Organizations Launch Third Annual Week of Nonviolent Action All Across Iraq.

UFPJ and member group September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows urge that you, your organization, and other US peace and justice groups stand in solidarity with Iraqi peace and nonviolence activists.

2008/10/01: Call now to support Baldwin's H. Res. 1509, The Executive Branch Accountability Act

On Friday September 26, our Congresswoman from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin introduced H. Res.

2008/09/30: Tell Congress: No Wall Street Bailout! from United for Peace and Justice

UFPJ is joining with allies in labor and community  as we call on Congress to put together a short term economic plan that protects our communities and compels Wall Street to pay for its mistakes.

As the bailout debate has raged on in Congress, a breathtaking new Pentagon budget of nearly $700 Billion was pushed through the House and Senate while local governments began calling for budget cuts in anticipation of the impact of the catastrophic credit crisis on Wall Street. Read The Nation article: The Iraq War as a Financial Sinkhole

We realize this is very late notice, but we encourage you to join with Jobs with Justice as they hit the streets tomorrow, Wednesday, October 1st, to demand that Congress serve Main Street before Wall Street.

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