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2008/11/15: California Immigration Action Alert! Call today....

California Immigration Action Alert!

2008/11/14: USDA Should Invest in Grazing, not Confinement

November 14, 2008



For Immediate Release

2008/11/12: UFPJ Urges Citizens to Set Up Meetings with Congressional Representatives TODAY!

 United for Peace and Justice Urges Citizens to Set Up Meetings with Congressional Representatives TODAY!

2008/10/28: Contact your Elected Representative to Save your Free Conferencing Service!

On October 15th, 2008, Kevin Martin, Chairman of the FCC (Federal Communications Commissions), announced a proposal to reform "intercarrier compensation". Major telephone carriers, like AT&T, Verizon & Sprint, are aggressive advocates of this reform as they would reap millions from this proposal. Who will pay for it? You will.

"This could be potentially a billion-dollar giveaway to phone monopolies, paid for out of consumers' pocketbooks," said Chris Murray, an attorney with Consumers Union.

What does this mean to you?



In this update:
1. State donors give record amounts to shadow groups
2. Searchable database of campaign contributions updated
3. Cost of national elections to pass $5 billion mark
4. Huge Election Day vote has nothing to do with election

2008/10/24: UFPJ needs your help and needs it now!

2008/10/24: Wisconsin "Bring Our Guard Home" campaign: organizing materials you can use

WNPJ joins in a statewide effort to challenge the planned 2009 deployment of more than 3,000 Wisconsin Guard members to Iraq, as part of a nationwide campaign now active in more than a dozen states. The national campaign began in Vermont, with legislation challenging the legal basis for the Federal government taking State Guard troops for Iraq on the basis that the reasons Congress gave in 2002 for authorizing the Iraq mission have expired, and Congress has never re-authorized the Iraq occupation on any other basis.

New Resources:  Click "read more" for: 1) a petition directed to state legislators that you can circulate in your community and 2) a quarter-sheet flyer laying out the legal basis for challenging Guard deployments to Iraq.

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