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Add Your Name for a ‘Just Wisconsin Budget’ - by noon Tuesday, Jan. 26th.

In this pandemic time, we are finding creative ways to come together virtually, to share our stories, and to build a people’s movement for a just Wisconsin budget. As coalition member Mike McCabe says, "This is no time for Wisconsin to stand pat.

Be part of the People's Maps Commission - at Public Hearings statewide

Thurs Jan 28, 5:30 pm The People’s Maps Commission Public Hearing – virtual.  The purpose is to seek public input on the upcoming redistricting of legislative maps from constituents of Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.  Although the Jan.

Sign the Petition - #StopLine 3 Immediately

Defeating Keystone XL and joining the Paris Climate Agreement (again) this week were significant victories, but there’s another major tar sands pipeline underway – and President Biden has the power to halt construction immediately.

Contact Your Representatives in Congress to Act on H.R.1

H.R.1 is the Democracy Reform: The 'For The People Act' would dramatically strengthen our democracy by making it easier to vote, ending gerrymandering, fixing our campaign finance system, and more.  Mike McCabe of Our Wisconsin Revolution has sent this Action Alert to WNPJ.

Extend and Support a Wisconsin Eviction Moratorium - Sign the Petition! Jan 22

February 1st will be a traumatic day for thousands of Wisconsinites (from RUCUS). When the CDC Moratorium on evictions is lifted on January 31st, some 35,700-75,500 Wisconsin households will face housing disruption or eviction filings. What will follow will not be the happy end of 2020 we all anticipated, but another year of economic devastation, COVID sickness and death, and despair.

Fight for Increased Broadband Access - a message from WI Governor Tony Evers. Jan 15

WI Governor Tony Evers writes to I hope this email finds you safe and healthy as we welcome a new year and new opportunities in Wisconsin. As you may know, earlier this week I delivered my third State of the State Address. I would like to share with you an update on the critical issue of expanding access to high-speed, broadband internet throughout our state.  


Make Vaccine a Priority for Those Incarcerated in our WI Prisons - Public Comment through Jan 18

The WI Assembly Health Committee is considering COVID vaccine distribution. PLEASE contact the committee members urging a discussion of making incarcerated folks and corrections staff a priority. More than 10,000 inmates and 2,000 staff members have tested positive.

Unite for a Just State Budget! - meet January 12

WNPJ, and many partners are coming together to build unity for a just Wisconsin State Budget.

Every two years, Wisconsin lawmakers create a biennial budget. This could be our best and last opportunity to make sure that Wisconsin funds justice promoting initiatives in the next two years.


We meet Tuesday, January 12th at 3:00 pm for our next zoom meeting:

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