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Oppose Nomination of Michele Flournoy as Sec. of Defense - from Peace Action Wisconsin

Oppose hawkish Flournoy’s nomination because she wants to increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia to police the Middle East while the US pivots to Asia to escalate troop deployments for more “war games” in the South China Sea. After leaving the Obama White House, Flournoy joined the Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor, overseeing the development of $32 million in military contracts.[7][8] In 2018, she joined the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a publicly traded consulting firm with military contracts and cyber security expertise.

Sign the Petition to Stop the Keystone XL pipeline

It’s been less than a week since the presidential results were confirmed, but already the fossil fuel lobby in Canada is devising a plan to pressure Joe Biden into completing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The worst part is, they’re feeling optimistic. Not only are tar sands companies banking on Keystone XL, they’re also hard at work trying to push through another tar sands pipeline: the Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota. Our movement is up against massive fossil fuel corporations with unlimited sums of money to lobby the United States and Canadian governments.

Add Your Name to the Faith Leader COVID Safety Pledge - to Keep Wisconsin Healthy and Safe

We the undersigned clergy, ( )representing diverse faith communities across Wisconsin, pledge to do all in our power to keep our congregations and communities healthy and safe in the midst of this pandemic. While we have varying practices and theologies, all our traditions hold life as sacred and believe the imperative to protect and preserve life outweighs all other considerations. Our state is facing a crisis and we must meet this challenge together.

Join us Dec 5 for the WNPJS Fall Assembly!

Members meet to celebrate the year's activities, elect board members,  and set priorities for the coming year. How will we harness our collective power to make lasting change? Be part of the movement to challenge our country's racist foundations and save our democracy! Register here.

December 5, 2020 at 5:30 pm

Everyone is welcome - members can vote.

We Got Georgia On Our Minds! Turn out the vote planning Nov 13

When it comes to turning out the vote for democracy, we in Wisconsin are doing our part! Join Building Unity in Our Next Step: Support GA! Turn out the vote for the 1/5/21 run-off senate elections!

Sign’s list of 10 Executive Actions we demand on Biden’s first day in office

The presidential race has just been called: Joe Biden will be our next President. Voters turned out in record numbers and polls show that climate action was a major issue. Now we must get to work holding the next administration accountable to bold and urgent climate action: Our job between now and Inauguration Day is clear: Put as much pressure on Biden to use the full power of the Presidency in his first 100 days to combat the climate crisis. Our climate can’t wait, so neither will we. Sign on to our list of 10 Executive Actions we need the Biden Administration to take on day one!

Take the survey - about your voting experience!

The League of Women Voters of WI has put together our voter experience survey from Tuesday's election. This is a place where voters can tell us about their experience voting - absentee, early voting, or in person on Election Day - and can let us know about issues they faced or good things they'd like to see replicated in other parts of the state. The information we collected from voters after the April Election was invaluable and allowed us to be more effective as we advocated for improvements to the other 2020 elections. We have it available in both English and Spanish.

WISDOM Vigil at Governor's mansion - address COVID 19 in Wisconsin prisons

The Vigil in front of the Governor's mansion continues.  For over 2 weeks, WISDOM and EXPO members and friends have braved the cold and the rain to be sure Governor Evers knows that we will not go away until he addresses the dangers of COVID 19 in Wisconsin prisons. Are you willing to pick up a shift or two? Go to:   


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