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Tell Congress: No taxpayer dollars for CIS facilities in Texas and New Mexico

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) is considering proposals to build Consolidated Interim Storage (CIS) facilities to store nuclear waste in New Mexico and Texas. Both Texas and New Mexico are opposed to these facilities and the rest of the country should be as well. Both sites are unjustly targeted for Hispanic communities. Hauling nuclear waste is extremely dangerous and risky. To reduce risk, the waste should be transported only once, from the reactor sites to a permanent isolation facility.

Postcard Project to Engage Georgia Voters

Join WNPJ and other Building Unity WI groups as we team up with the Transformative Justice Coalition and the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, with their goal to write at least a million voters in GA before the Jan. 5th U.S. Senate Runoff Elections.

IMPORTANT:  All writers will be required to sign a Nonpartisanship Agreement before receiving postcards to write. 

Register here for postcard and to sign the nonpartisan agreement:

Send a note to thank Rep. Mark Pocan: Pocan Leads 40 Dems Demanding Condemnation of Israeli Demolitions

Press release Nov. 2020. MADISON, WI – Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI) led a letter of 40 Democrats to Secretary of State Mark Pompeo demanding condemnation of the Israeli government’s demolition of 76 structures in Palestinian Bedouin community of Homsa al-Baquia (Khierbet Humsah)—displacing 73 people including 41 children—and to secure a commitment from the Israeli government to end any further displacements immediately.

Be part of a “Thank an Election Hero” campaign from Wisconsin Voices!

As the statewide canvass comes to a close, we are launching our “Thank an Election Hero” social media campaign building on Governor Evers’s proclaimed “Election Hero Day” from November 2nd. Together, we are vocally supporting local election clerks, election staff, poll workers and postal service workers for their diligence, integrity and courage in making this pandemic election the most secure in our history. Here are some ideas for organizations and individuals looking to thank an Election Hero:

Register for the Dec 5 WNPJ Fall Assembly! A Celebration of Gratitude and Recognition

The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice has been here to augment your work over the past years through our calendar listings, action alerts, initiatives, tabling, lobbying, resource sharing and connections. Now it's time to celebrate what we've done, and chart a course for the future!

No to new F-35s in Pentagon Budget - Tell WI Congressional Reps Now

Tell your Congressional representatives to vote NO on the big Pentagon funding bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021.

Send Comments for a fair and transparent redistricting process to WI Supreme Court: Deadline Nov 30

Please write the Wisconsin Supreme Court today and tell them that you oppose this upcoming Rule 20-03 relating to legal challenges to redistricting - Action Alert from the WI Democracy Campaign. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is taking public comments on a proposed rule that would pre-rig the process for the drawing of legislative and congressional district maps and would likely lead to another gerrymander in Wisconsin.

Lessons from the Election and Demands for Joe Biden – from Peace Action

Joe Biden made the centerpiece of his campaign a battle for the "soul of the nation," making the election about character instead of running on the issues. The results showed that this was a flawed approach. Supporters of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal were nearly all returned to office, even in competitive districts. The corporate wing of the Democratic Party will continue to resist broadly popular initiatives to cater to their donors, representatives of the big banks, health insurance industry, drug companies, and arms manufacturers.

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