Wisconsin's Capitol Dome went dark for "Earth Hour"

March 27 was the day for "Earth Hour", when people all over the world turned out the lights to demonstrate support for action to address the threat of climate change. The rolling blackout started in the Pacific ( the Sydney Opera House went dark) and moved westward, reaching Wisconsin at 8:30 pm local time.
According to the Earth Hour website, "Wisconsin is an official Earth Hour state and will turn off the lights at the Governor's residence and state capitol building." Think of it as a solar eclipse you don't have to fly to China to see.  Photo by Brian Gardner

2010/03/19: Duluth News Tribune: John LaForge: Nukes not safe at any speed

An opinion column by John LaForge of Nukewatch, a WNPJ member group in Luck, Wisconsin:

Boosters of nuclear power often claim reactors “operate safely.”It’s easy to prove this false.

Army gags rural neighbors of Badger

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, a WNPJ member group, reports:

Army officials have ordered rural neighbors of Badger Army Ammunition Plant (pictured) to suppress an environmental report by an independent consultant working with the local Restoration Advisory Board (RAB). 

Dane Democrats back Carbon Free Nuclear Free campaign

Dane County Democrats have taken a stand against weakening state laws on nuclear power in Wisconsin, and have endorsed a Carbon Free Nuclear Free (CFNF) energy policy for the state.   Party members passed a resolution on the issue after hearing a talk from Jennifer Nordstrom, coordinator of the national CFNF campaign, at their monthly meeting Mar. 10.  The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County passed a similar resolution in October.

2010/03/11: Wis Public Radio: Attempts to block more nuclear energy in Wisconsin

Chuck Quirmbach of Wisconsin Public Radio reports on the Carbon Free Nuclear Free Coalition, of which WNPJ is an active member:

Anti-nuclear groups are trying to close a potential window for expanded use of nuclear power, as Wisconsin lawmakers debate a global warming bill.

2010/03/04: MPR: Bill to undo (Minnesota) moratorium on nuclear plants stalls

While the Wisconsin legislature considers a Clean Energy Jobs Act that would open the door to more nuclear reactors in Wisconsin, a similar pro-nuclear proposal has suffered a major setback across the Mississippi in Minnesota. Minnesota Public Radio reports:

Clean Energy Jobs Act 'anti-nuclear?' We wish...

In a sort of Alice in Wonderland version of the debate now going on in the Wisconsin Legislature, one of the biggest supporters of nuclear power declares that the Clean Energy Jobs Act is "anti-nuclear" and written to please "fringe groups" like WNPJ. That comes as news to WNPJ and others who have been working to strengthen the bill, which would open the door to more nuclear reactors in the state.

Vermont Senate votes to shut state's only nuclear plant

By an overwhelming 26 to 4 vote, the Vermont Senate voted to deny a request by Entergy Corp., the operator of Vermont's sole nuclear plant, to extend its forty-year lifespan by an additional twenty years, forcing a shutdown of the aging reactor by 2012. The vote marks the first time a state has moved to shut down an operating reactor, and deals a severe blow to the troubled nuclear industry, which had hoped for a revival after President Obama made massive federal loan guarantees to promote construction of new nuclear plants a centerpiece of his proposed energy policy. Pictured:  Collapsed cooling tower, 2007

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