2010/03/04: MPR: Bill to undo (Minnesota) moratorium on nuclear plants stalls

While the Wisconsin legislature considers a Clean Energy Jobs Act that would open the door to more nuclear reactors in Wisconsin, a similar pro-nuclear proposal has suffered a major setback across the Mississippi in Minnesota. Minnesota Public Radio reports:

Clean Energy Jobs Act 'anti-nuclear?' We wish...

In a sort of Alice in Wonderland version of the debate now going on in the Wisconsin Legislature, one of the biggest supporters of nuclear power declares that the Clean Energy Jobs Act is "anti-nuclear" and written to please "fringe groups" like WNPJ. That comes as news to WNPJ and others who have been working to strengthen the bill, which would open the door to more nuclear reactors in the state.

Vermont Senate votes to shut state's only nuclear plant

By an overwhelming 26 to 4 vote, the Vermont Senate voted to deny a request by Entergy Corp., the operator of Vermont's sole nuclear plant, to extend its forty-year lifespan by an additional twenty years, forcing a shutdown of the aging reactor by 2012. The vote marks the first time a state has moved to shut down an operating reactor, and deals a severe blow to the troubled nuclear industry, which had hoped for a revival after President Obama made massive federal loan guarantees to promote construction of new nuclear plants a centerpiece of his proposed energy policy. Pictured:  Collapsed cooling tower, 2007

2010/02/20: The Progressive: No new nukes in Wisconsin


Elizabeth DiNovella of The Progressive writes about WNPJ's work against opening the door to more nuclear power in Wisconsin as part of the Clean Energy Jobs Act now before the legislature, and quotes Diane Farsetta, coordinator of WNPJ's Carbon Free Nuclear Free campaign.

Nuclear 'tweaks' in energy bill could be a deal-breaker

When is a "tweak" in a legislative bill a deal breaker?

Maybe, just maybe, when the change is to an already controversial section on nuclear power that's part of the proposed Clean Energy Jobs Bill for Wisconsin.

Pro-nuclear changes being pushed by utilities could derail the whole thing.

WNPJ board member Bill Christofferson explains on WNPJ blog.

2010/02/05: Capital Times: John LaForge: Think nuke power is safe? Think again

John LaForge, co-director of Nukewatch, a WNPJ member group, in an opinion column in the Capital Times: Wisconsin’s reactors at Point Beach and Kewaunee spew radiation like all the others. In fact Wisconsin’s reactors have a particularly unsafe record of operations, when compared to the other 101 reactors operating across the country.

Latest problem undermines 'safe, clean' nuke sales job

In the midst of a big PR and lobbying campaign to try to sell nuclear power as a clean, safe solution to climate change, another problem pops up -- radioactive tritium leaking from plants, including (as the map shows) some incidents in Wisconsin. WNPJ Board member Bill Christofferson has more on the WNPJ Blog.


At 'public' hearing, the view from the back of the bus

Most of the activists from WNPJ's Carbon Free Nuclear Free campaign, who attended a public hearing Jan. 27 to oppose the nuclear section of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, waited more than eight hours to testify for four minutes in a nearly-empty room with almost all of the committee members gone.

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