Carbon Free, Nuclear Free on WPR

Charlie Higley of Citizens Utility Board, one of the 15 groups (including WNPJ) that sent a clean energy message to the state legislature and Governor last week, was interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio.  Energy efficiency and renewable options "are cheaper, safer, and will quickly create more jobs" than repealing the state's waste and cost safeguards on new nuclear reactors, stated the joint letter.

Still, Rep. Mark Honadel -- the chair of the Assembly's Energy and Utilities Committee -- said, referring to new nuclear reactors, "It's very important to me that we open this door again."  The legislature may consider repealing Wisconsin's nuclear safeguards this March, he added.

Expand renewables, not nukes, coalition urges

Fifteen environmental and other public interest groups, including WNPJ, have asked the legislature and governor to focus on expanding renewable energy in the state instead of relaxing or repealing state laws to make it easier to build new nuclear power plants.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy “are cheaper, safer, and will quickly create more jobs,” the organizations said in a letter to lawmakers and Gov. Scott Walker.

Tell Milwaukee Mining Company: Back off El Salvador!

Should a Milwaukee mining company be able to sue the government of El Salvador for enforcing its environmental policies and protecting the health of its people?  The Midwest Coalition against Lethal Mineral Mining (MCALM) says no!  Join their call-in to Milwaukee-based Commerce Group :

Please call the Commerce Group's Milwaukee office phone (414) 462-5310 and tell them to drop the lawsuit against the government of El Salvador. If you can't get through, send them an email at info@commercegroupcorp.com.  Contact Al Gedicks - for more information - 608-784-4399.

Loans for new nukes stopped again

From the Nuclear Resource and Information Service:

THANK YOU! You've done it again! You sent more than 15,000 letters to Congress in December and made many, many phone calls to stop $8 billion in taxpayer loans for new nuclear reactor construction. And the final government funding bill, signed by President Obama, contains not one dime for new nukes!

Letter to Wisconsin Endangered Resources Program regarding endangered bats

Stacy Rowe

Endangered Resources Program

Journal Sentinel op ed: 'Re-evaluate nuclear energy policy'

WNPJ board member Bill Christofferson responds, in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op ed column, to editorials in the state's two biggest newspapers calling for ending the state's nuclear "moratorium."

No one in the world has yet operated a nuclear power plant safely for more than 50 years.

 (We Energies CEO Gale) Klappa and the industry see that as a rationale to build new reactors. Actually, it provides an opportunity to re-evaluate Wisconsin's energy needs and decide whether nuclear power should be part of the mix.

Re-evaluate Nuclear Energy Policy

Former WNPJ Chair Bill Christofferson's article Re-evaluate nuclear energy policy was published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal's opinion section on November 16.  In the article, he focuses on the current political climate and the push to build new nuclear reactors in Wisconsin, which would require repealing a 25 year old law. 

Supporters of new nuclear reactors consider them "a clean alternative," glossing over the concerns associated with storing large amounts of highly dangerous radioactive waste.  However, Christofferson argues, "[r]ather than take it on faith that technology will solve the seemingly insoluble problem of waste disposal, leaving the current law in place will provide an incentive to find a solution before new reactors are built to produce more of the high-level waste without knowing how to dispose of it."

Norma Berkowitz Honored by UNA-USA Dane County

Norma Berkowitz, Madison,  received the Global Citzen award on Oct. 24th from Kathie Beckett, outgoing president of the UNA-USA Dane County chapter . Norma's work with the group FOCCUS was recognized at the annual banquet on this, the 65th anniversary of the founding of the UN. FOCCUS is a WI-based group - with roots in the UW-Madison School of Social work.

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