Climate activists declare victory as Obama sends pipeline back for review

Just days after a ten-thousand-strong protest that completely surrounded the White House, President Obama announced that a controversial pipeline project previously approved by the State Department would be sent back for a second  review. 

The pipeline project would have transported Canadian tar sands oil to refineries in Texas, crossing environmentally sensitive areas and potentially threatening the Oglalla aquifer. The Canadian tar sands represent the largest unexploited pool of carbon remaining, causing climate scientist James Hansen to describe the Keystone XL project as the equivalent of "lighting a fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet." More than 1300 people were arrested at a civil disobedience action against the pipeline in August, an action that many Wisconsinites participated in. Read more...

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Carl Sack op ed: 'Mining panel bodes ill for environment'

WNPJ board member Carl Sack, a member of Madison for the Penokees, a grassroots group supporting those in northern Wisconsin working to protect the Penokee hills from mining, writes in an opinion column in the Miilwaukee Journal Sentinel about a new legislative committee:

Carbon Free, Nuclear Free September 2011 letter to policymakers

Click here for the press release describing this informational packet from Carbon Free, Nuclear Free Wisconsin.


September 26, 2011


To: Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin Legislators

Re: Wisconsin's Energy Future

Broad coalition calls for maintaining nuclear safeguards

Carbon Free, Nuclear Free WIPublic interest, environmental and faith groups, along with local clean energy and agricultural businesses, have joined in asking the state legislature and Gov. Scott Walker to maintain state laws safeguarding nuclear power reactors and focus the state’s energy policy on clean, renewable energy.

“Wisconsin has an opportunity to be a leader in the clean energy economy. We know that you care about creating family-supporting jobs, protecting the health of our citizens, and sustaining our natural resources. We do as well. We urge you to oppose any bills that weaken or eliminate Wisconsin's cost and waste safeguards for nuclear reactors, and support energy policies that help us realize our clean energy potential,” the letter, with 16 signers, including WNPJ, said.

CSWAB gains better soil testing for explosives

In response to a campaign by WNPJ member group Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Wisconsin State regulators have ordered the U.S. Army to improve soil test methods for a carcinogenic explosive that has contaminated groundwater and drinking water wells in rural communities near Badger Army Ammunition Plant.   The precedent-setting decision by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) is expected to prompt similar requirements at other military bases where dinitrotoluene (DNT) contamination has been found.

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