"Killing by Remote Control: Drone Warfare" 4-part series in Eagle River, Monday evenings

Learn more about U.S. killer drones on Monday evenings from Jan 28 to Feb 18 (6:30 - 8:30 pm) at Many Ways of Peace, 217 S. Main St. in downtown Eagle River.  All welcome!  The first talk is by Pat Chaffee, a Catholic sister from Racine who recently visited Pakistan with a Code Pink delegation to hear how drone warfare impacts communities there.

See below for details on this and other upcoming programs:

Dane County Board passes Bring Our War $$ Home resolution!

On January 10, the Dane County Board passed a "Bring Our War Dollars Home" (BOW$H) resolution introduced by Supervisor Kyle Richmond and drafted with help from WNPJ, on a vote of 26 supporting, 5 opposing and 5 absent or abstaining.  The resolution urges the President and Congress to redirect resources from the excessive U.S. military budget, to fund housing, jobs, veterans, infrastructure, debt reduction and environmental programs, and encourages other local governments to pass similar resolutions.

Dane County becomes at least the 15th community across the country to pass resolutions.  See how much wars and weapons have already cost your community with WNPJ's "cost of war" counter.

Interested in passing a BOW$H resolution in your community?  We'd love to help!  Contact us at 608-250-9240 or diane<at>wnpj<dot>org.

Dane County Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution

Passed by the Dane County Board on January 10, 2013 with a vote of 26 supporting, 5 opposing and 5 absent or abstaining:


Duluth calls for bringing war dollars home!

On December 17th, Duluth become the third community in Minnesota - after St Paul and Minneapolis - to pass a resolution calling for the redirection of military funds to meet human needs.

"We don't need to be working in the framework of austerity. Last year Congress devoted 59 cents out of every dollar appropriated to war," Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project leader Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer told KQDS-DT.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the AFT labor union have passed Bring Our War $$ Home (BOW$H) resolutions so far.  The Dane County Board is expected to vote on a BOW$H resolution in January.

Saint Paul Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution

Passed unanimously by the Saint Paul City Council on October 10, 2012:


AFTW Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution

Passed at the state convention of the American Federation of Teachers-WI (AFTW) labor union, held October 27, 2012, in Manitowoc:

RESOLUTION #12: Bring Our War Dollars Home

Whereas, the U.S. Federal spending on war and defense is bloated and that money is needed for educations, jobs, health care, and other federal needs, and

Whereas, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and drone bombing in Pakistan) have caused tremendous suffering, and

Protest Israel's escalating assault on Gaza

If you have details of other events in or around Wisconsin, please send them to diane<at>wnpj<dot>org.  Jewish Voice for Peace also has a list of emergency demonstrations on their website.

  • Madison, 4 pm Fri Nov 16 at UW Library Mall, State St - As all signs point to a ground invasion of Gaza by Israel, casualties from Israel's land, sea and air bombardment of Gaza are rising and protests are spreading around the world.  In Madison, Students for Justice in Palestine initiated this protest.  Please bring Palestinian flags, banners, signs and your voice!  More info: Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, 608-238-1227,
  • Racine, 1 pm Sat Nov 17 at the Save-a-Lot parking lot, 1500 State Street - Stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza.  We will provide signs or you can bring your own.  Stop the bombs, stop the siege, stop giving billions of U.S. dollars to Israel!  More info: Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, 262-638-0204,

Shift U.S. spending priorities; save state jobs

Mike Helbick"On Oct. 25, Oshkosh Corp. announced that 450 employees will find themselves without jobs in January," writes Mike Helbick of Peace Action Wisconsin in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column.

"The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the need for all-terrain, mine-resistant vehicles prompted Oshkosh Corp. to aggressively ramp up its production between 2008 and 2011. ...  As the wars wind down ... now is the time for diversification and a long-term plan for good, union jobs," adds Helbick, who notes that military spending is "a very low job creator," even during wartime.  (Photo: Mike Helbick at WNPJ's member assembly)

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