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March 9: Join "Safeguard the Guard" at the Capitol

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hearings bannerSupporters of Assembly Bill 203, a bill to enact legal safeguards to protect Wisconsin's National Guard from unlawful overseas deloyments, will be turning out at the State Capitol in Madison on March 9 for a public hearing before the Assembly's Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. "This hearing will give us an opportunity to make the case that Guard deployments to Iraq are illegal, and to bring forth testimony about the impact of those deployments on Wisconsin's Guard and their families," said Jim Draeger, WNPJ chair and statewide coordinator of the "Bring the Guard Home - It's the Law!" campaign.

Citizens Lobby days - Safeguard the Guard

Cassandra Dixon monitors “Dangerous Passage to School” – at Tuwani, Palestine

Cassandra Dixon of Mary House in WI Dells reports from the Palestinian village of Tuwani, Feb. 2010:

Hi Friends -- the past few weeks have been filled with troubles here in Tuwani.  We so frequently see settlers out practicing with slingshots and rocks, and chasing shepherds, that it is almost becoming normal.  A few days ago the army arrested a shepherd in a very violent way, pushing women from his family to the ground and headbutting another shepherd. 


Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice is proud to join the national Bring Our War $ Home campaign, and will be working to make the connection between lavish war spending overseas and austerity budgets at home.

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