Vermont Times Argus: Rep. says: Bring Vt. Guard home

By Daniel Barlow
Vermont Press Bureau
March 9, 2010


MONTPELIER – Rep. Michael Fisher has spent the last four years talking about what he sees as the illegal use of the Vermont National Guard in overseas conflicts, with little luck in moving a bill that could challenge the practice.


He's now hoping lawmakers in Wisconsin might be more understanding.


WKOW-TV Madison: Governor could review national guard call-ups

WKOW - Madison
March 9, 2010

Video here...

A legislative committee considered a bill that would allow the governor to try to block the Wisconsin National Guard's federal call-ups.

2010/03/11: Wis. State Journal: Peace-loving grandma goes to jail

Doug Moe's column tells of Marilyn Ross, a retired teacher who was arrested -- for the first time -- at age 76 at a sit-in at the office of a military contractor in Madison, as part of an action by Madison Pledge of Resistance to protest sending 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan. 

Longtime activist and WNPJ member Joy First organized the action last December, and she and her daughter, Jennifer also were arrested that day.

Wisconsin Radio Network: Governor could challenge National Guard deployments

By Andrew Beckett
Wisconsin Radio Network
March 10, 2010

Proposed legislation at the state Capitol that would allow the governor to challenge deployment orders for the Wisconsin National Guard is drawing some concerns from lawmakers.

Capitol Times: Safeguard the Guard

Capitol Times Editorial
March 9, 2010

The National Guard traces its roots to the founding of the republic, when the framers of the American experiment wrote into our Constitution a section giving Congress authority for “calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.”

The language was specific, as the founders did not want these militias to become part of a standing national army, and certainly did not want them to be used to occupy foreign lands in undeclared wars.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Safeguard Wisconsin's Guard

By Jim Draeger And Ben Manski
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
March 8, 2010

For the first time in recent history, citizens of Wisconsin have the opportunity to help answer the question, "Who decides about war?" As part of a national movement of nearly two dozen states, the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee of the state Assembly plans to hold a public hearing Tuesday on Assembly Bill 203, the Safeguard the Guard Act.

WMTV Madison: Bill would allow Governor to sue over deployment of Wisconsin Guard

"Safeguard" The Guard

A proposal would allow the Governor to sue over deployment of national guard.

WMTV - Madson  Video here...

2010/03/10: Wis. Public Radio: Plan would allow governor to challenge National Guard deployments

STATE CAPITOL-- Anti-war activists are urging state lawmakers to support a plan that would give Wisconsin governors the power to challenge the deployment of National Guard troops.
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