New York Times: On 5th Ave., a Grandmothers’ Protest as Endless as the Wars

Laurie Leon hands out leaflets at New York's weekly 5th Avenue peace vigil

For 330 consecutive weeks, a hardy group of New Yorkers have maintained their vigil for peace in front of Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue. “We’ve been here even in the worst possible weather, in pouring rain and exhausting heat,” said Joan Wile, who came up with the idea for a weekly vigil.

“The point is to interfere with the routine,” said Jenny Heinz, who regularly attends the vigil even though she is in the midst of treatment for breast cancer. “As people walk down the street, it has an impact on their consciousness. If it engages them, it’s fine. If it infuriates them, it’s fine.”

Vigiler Bert Aubrey invoked Dylan Thomas’s admonition to not go gentle into that good night. “ ‘Rage, rage,’ ” he said. “That’s the way I feel. I have to do

Thousands march in New York for nuke-free world

Thousands of people joined in a march led by the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in New York on Sunday to call for a nuclear-free world. The march, endorsed by hundreds of international and U.S.-based organizations, was held to coincide with the beginning of the 2010 Review Conference for the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which brings together representatives from the 189 nations that are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

WNPJ Blog: Atrocities in Afghanistan -- A Troubling Timetable

Kathy Kelly and Dan Pearson, co-coordinators of Voices for Creative Non-violence , a WNPJ member group, write of the sorrow and horror inflicted upon innocent Afghan civilians by the US-led war there, detail some specific cases, and call for activists to support a withdrawal timeline for US troops. Read it here.

At town meeting with Moore and Kucinich, 200 call for end to wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Two hundred people turned out in Milwaukee for a town meeting on Iraq and Afghanistan Sunday with Reps. Gwen Moore and Dennis Kucinich, and television news reports said there wasn't a single voice in support of the wars. The WTMJ-TV report featured longtime activist John Gilman, 89, a decorated World War II veteran, speaking out against war. One note of concern:

Thank Baldwin, Moore for votes against Iran sanctions bill

Wisconsin Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore provided two of only 11 "no" votes in the House of Representatives on a bill expanding sanctions against Iran. The bill would make U.S. parent companies liable for the acts of their non-U.S. subsidiaries that engage in trade with Iran and "Restore prohibitions on imports of carpets and certain food products." Perhaps more important than the actual content of the legislation was the bill's role in feeding an escalating PR campaign that could lead us to war.

WNPJ Blog: Ten lessons from a U.S. defeat

Remember Iraq? "No blood for oil"? "Bush lied, people died"? Takes you back, doesn't it? These days, even for that small percentage of Americans who still pay attention to any of our wars, Iraq seems like last year's news. It's a shame that, at the precise moment when the Iraqi people are having some success at forcing the U.S. occupiers from their soil, the attention of the U.S. peace movement is elsewhere, because there's much we can learn from Iraq about how to end an occupation and defeat an empire. And "defeat" is exactly the word to apply to the U.S. imperial project in Iraq. Read and comment here...

"Carbon Footprint of War" flyers

Did you know a B-52 burns 55 gallons of jet fuel every minute? Or that an Abrams tank gets half a mile per gallon? Or that keeping a single soldier in Afghanistan requires burning 22 gallons of fuel a day?

Hybrid cars and better light bulbs won't be enough if we don't rein in our out-of-control military, which is burning 3.5 million gallons of fuel a day to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. 

WNPJ's new "Carbon Footprint of War" flyers (.pdf) help to make the connection between the need for serious action to address the global threat of climate change and the need to end war. 

Raging Grannies Protest taxes used for war-spending


Photo of Madison Raging Grannies....

The Raging Grannies in Florida today are protesting war-spending on TAX DAY!.....

Watch their YouTube video here.......

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