May 20th: Join us on the bus to Chicago for NATO protest

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice is sponsoring a bus from Madison to Chicago on Sunday, May 20th for the Noon rally at Grant Park, then march to McCormick Place. This is a legal, permitted, family-friendly march and rally - please join us!

The bus will pick up passengers at the UW-Memorial Union at 8:30am and Dutch Mill Park and Ride at 9:00 am and at Palmer Park, 2400 Palmer Drive, in Janesville at 10:00am, arriving at Grant Park in Chicago at noon, and returning to Madison by 8pm.

"Resolutions Grid" helps you build your own

 Bring Our War $ Home (BOW$H) is a national campaign aimed at winning city council, school board and county board resolutions in favor of ending the vast waste of our nation's human and financial resources on war and redirecting those resources to urgent unmet needs here at home. The campaign has succeeded in passing resolutions from coast to coast, from Charlottesville, Virginia to Seattle, Washington and from Hartford, Connecticut to Los Angeles, California. The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice "Resolution Grid" allows you to quickly compare these resolutions side-by-side, to build the resolution best suited to your community. Click here to view the grid.

Bring Our War $ Home resolution grid

City Portland San Francisco Seattle

New "Get the facts" flyer sets the record straight on Iran

Did you know that the consensus view of the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies is that Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon? Or that the Israeli government agrees with this assessment? WNPJ's new "Iran and the bomb - get the facts" flyer includes information you're probably not getting from the corporate media, where false claims of an "Iranian nuclear threat" are treated as established fact. Click here to download a .pdf copy of the flyer, image of flyer below.

Letter to Colonel Ebben, Volk Field, about drone facility

Madison Pledge of Resistance

6014 Gateway Green

Madison, WI 53716

608 239-4327


UFPJ Statement: No War on Iran!

WNPJ has signed on to the following statement from United for Peace and Justice. 

 While the statement calls for "diplomacy and negotiations" instead of force and a "Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Zone" in the Middle East, it should be noted that there is no justification for a U.S. attack or sanctions on Iran whatever the status of those negotiations, nor does the U.S., the world's foremost military aggressor, have the moral right to ask Iran to do anything, and the only WMD's in the region reside in Israel, a staunch U.S. ally that receives over $3 billion per year in direct U.S. aid.

Drone vigil at Camp Williams/Volk Field canceled due to weather

From the Madison Pledge of Resistance, a WNPJ member group:
We are going to cancel the anti-drone vigil at Camp Williams/Volk Field tomorrow (Feb 28) because of the weather.
Bad weather is expected in many parts of Wisconsin, but will be particularly bad in Juneau county, location of Camp Williams/Volk Field.  A winter storm watch is in effect tomorrow with possible freezing rain, sleet, and several inches of snow in Juneau County.

Capital Times: War against Iran is not the answer

WNPJ past chair Bonnie Block (left) makes the case against war and sanctions on Iran in an op-ed published in Friday's Capital Times. Bonnie writes: "The real issue is who will be in charge in the Middle East. The U.S. and Israel as its proxy want to be in charge for oil and empire so they want to insure Iran is marginalized. Israel has around 200 nuclear weapons, has never allowed  inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, nor signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Ditto for India and Pakistan. Yet the U.S. gives aid to all three of these countries. Furthermore, the five original nuclear powers have done little to eliminate these dreadful weapons as evidenced by their possession of over 20,000 such weapons. So why is the focus only on Iran?"
Read the full op-ed and comment here...


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