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Honoring and Educating: The Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability, a WNPJ member group,  is hosting a weekend of events August 16 - 18  to celebrate the legal transfer of the property from executive director Gene Farley to the center. Featured will be a dinner, "Feast from the Fields," with food from its farm incubator. The Farley Center also has a peace and justice center and a green cemetery. "It's really about community," says center facilitator Susan Corrado to explain the unique combination of programs at the center. Isthmus, 8/1/13.

Temple attack united victim's son, ex-racist: After the shootings at the

WNPJ members making news: the sing along and more

WNPJ members and groups continue to make the news. Please click on the title to read the entire articles.

Kathy Liska: Why I attend the Solidarity Sing Along. Kathy Liska, one of the "gentle, angry people" who sing daily at the Capitol explains why she sings. "Our Wisconsin Constitution protects our rights to assemble in our rotunda, which is designed to provide a public forum. Our right to free speech is clear: Article 1, Sec. 4: 'The rights of the people peaceably to assemble to consult for the common good, and to petition the government or any department thereof shall never be abridged.'” The Capitol Times, 7/30/13. Kathy Liska sings with the Solidarity Sing Along, a WNPJ member group.

Solidarity Singers defy crackdown

After Capitol police arrested 22 Solidarity Singers on Wednesday, July 24, the crowd in the state Capitol rotunda swelled for the noontime musical protest.

On Thursday, about 300 people came to sing, in defiance of the police crackdown.  "Rights are just like muscles... If you don’t use them, they atrophy," one singer told the Progressive.

When he was arrested the previous day for singing, 85 year-old union supporter and former farmer Tom Kemble said he was "proud to be among what I would call distinguished people who have been arrested previous to me."

In a statement, the Madison chapter of the National Lawyers Guild explains how the police are distorting a recent court ruling to justify the mass arrests of the singers.

Milwaukee protests "border surge" in Senate immigration bill

Milwaukee was one of 10 cities nationwide where immigrants and advocates protested the "border surge" in the U.S. Senate's immigration reform bill, thanks to WNPJ member groups Voces de la Frontera and Peace Action.

A last-minute amendment added a $47 billion “border surge” that would create one of the most costly and militarized border zones in the world over the next 10 years.  The measure would add "20,000 border patrol agents to the more than 21,000 currently deployed, adding 700 more miles of border wall and adding 18 drones to patrol the border," reports NBC Latino.

Two letters by WNPJ members

Peggy Wireman on gun control: Let doctors decide what to discuss with patients. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/27/13. Please click on title to read the  letter.

Janet Parker on Rhythm & Booms: Smaller is better. I am glad Rhythm & Booms will be scaled back this year. Let's create a Warner Park July 4th

Toxic tar sands oil threaten WI waters, Great Lakes

"Proposals for a massive expansion of tar sands crude oil shipments on and around the Great Lakes do not make sense," writes WNPJ member Eric Hansen in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Canadian company Enbridge is trying to "quietly network thousands of miles of pipelines -- a system that would lock in both Wisconsin and our region as a major transportation corridor to ship tar sands crude oil overseas to the world market for decades to come."  At risk are "Lakes Superior and Michigan as well as the Bois Brule, Namekagon, Chippewa, Wisconsin, Fox and Rock rivers."

"Profit and jobs would go to Canada. Crude oil would go overseas. Toxic risk would stay here, sprinkled throughout our region in the crude oil spills, air quality and public health impacts," adds Hansen.

On July 14, the Oil and Water Don't Mix rally (featuring co-founder Bill McKibben) in Michigan will call attention to the dangers of tar sands oil to the upper Midwest.  There will be a bus leaving from Green Bay -- click here for details.

Activists arrested decrying killer drones at CIA, including Joy First and Phil Runkel of WI

LANGLEY, VA – Fifty people protested killer drones at the main gate of the CIA today, and six individuals were arrested.  The action was organized by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR], a group that has been active in challenging U.S. invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries, abolishing torture, closing Guantanamo, and bringing an end to drone warfare. 

WNPJ members in the news: Compassion, campaign disclosure and Medicaid funding

Meditation is not the pathway to compassion. "Meditation does not make one more compassionate. I wish dearly that it were otherwise," says Rick Vogle of Alliance for Animals, A WNPJ member group. He goes on to criticize the Dalai Lama and Richard Davidson, director of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at UW-Madison and a friend of the Dalai Lama and meditation proponent. Davidson's work is involves invasive studies of monkey brains. The Dalai Lama supports such work and eats meat, practices Vogle believes are incompatible with the compassion for all sentient beings Buddhism promotes.Capital Times, 6/8/13.

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