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Olmeca Performing at Fall Assembly

we are happy to announce that Olmeca will be performing at the event following the panel!  Olmeca is a hip hop artist, writer and producer who deftly depicts his upbringing and gives social commentary with energy, charisma and intelligence.  He is not only well known nationally and internationally, but deeply rooted and active around social justice issues, particularly those effecting communities of color.

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Environmentalists work to stop Enbridge expansion: Madison 350 is requesting that Dane and other Wisconsin counties require bonding on the Enbridge pipeline that is proposed to carry tar sand oil across Wisconsin. “There is nothing in state or federal law that protects communities against a spill,” said Peter Anderson, a member of the group. “The oil spill laws that the federal government has do not apply to tar sand oil spills.” The Capital Times, 7/10/14. Madison 350 is a WNPJ member group.

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Tom Boswell, F-35s at Truax raise new pollution concerns, Capital Times, April 27, 2019, Tom Boswell is a writer, photographer and community organizer who lives near Truax Field. He blogs at

Al Gedicks, Can Brazilian tailings dam disaster happen here?, La Crosse Tribune, February 8, 2019, Al Gedicks is executive secretary of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council in La Crosse.

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Eric Hansen: Tar sands oil shouldn't be shipped on great lakes. Allowing tar sands oil to be shipped on the Great Lakes would pose unacceptable risks to the region. In particular, it is heavier than typical crude oil, and in the case of a spill it would sink, possibly making it impossible to clean up. "Due diligence is in order. Have our state and region done a systematic in-depth analysis of the broad implications of the tar sands proposals? Or are we, one piecemeal permit application at a time, lurching toward a future sprinkled with crude oil mishaps?" The Capital Times, 4/29/14. Eric Hansen is a WNPJ member.

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Green Bay sisters are going solar for convent: The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross are building a large solar facility at it's Green Bay convent. Included in the plans is a foot path designed to educate the public about solar energy. “We hope the community, school groups and business will find the site educational and will be inspired," said Sister Donna Koch, president of the Fransiscan community. The Green Bay Press-Gazette, 5/6/14. The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross is a WNPJ member group.

Activist in Jail for Opposing Drones at Volk Field

Joyce Ellwanger, Milwaukee peace activist and WNPJ Lifetime Achievement Award winner, began serving a five-day jail stay in Mauston, Wisconsin, county seat of Juneau County, on May 5, rather than pay a fine of $250, levied by a Juneau County judge for trespassing at the entrance to Volk Field on May 28,2013.

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Despite the recent (and very welcome) thaw, Mike McCabe calls for more sunshine and Voces de la Frontera for more compassion. Click on titles to read the entire stories.

Community members, leaders attend Fast for Families forum to talk about immigration issues. Voces de la Frontera is hosting a Wisconsin tour of Fast for Families, a group promoting awareness of immigration issues, connections between immigrants and non-immigrants, and immigration reform.

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