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Paid leave is essential to help stop the spread of COVID-19 AND to help women

Women hold nearly two-thirds of the 40 lowest paid jobs in the country- and these low-wage workers are the most likely to not have paid sick leave.

When Congress finally passed a $900 billion stimulus package in December, extending eviction moratoriums, unemployment insurance and stimulus checks, it notably left one provision out: paid leave.

Safe Skies Wisconsin Reports – Block 4 upgrade will allow F-35 fighter jets to carry nuclear weapons

The new Block 4 upgrade allows the F-35 fighter jets to carry nuclear weapons.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association is Hiring! posted Jan 26

MREA in Custer, WI is looking for a Media Coordinator to help support the development and implementation of our digital media and virtual presence. Working with MREA staff, this individual will guide the development of engaging audio and video content suitable for MREA’s YouTube channel, social media, and email marketing. This individual will be responsible for media strategy development and implementation, with an aim to grow subscribers, viewers, and partners.

John LaForge of Nukewatch - writes Op-Ed for PeaceVoice, CounterPunch and The Progressive Jan 21

John LaForge of Nukewatch 

Enbridge Line 3 RESISTANCE - Video interview with Paul DeMain

Building Unity’s Media Project interviews Paul DeMain, nationally known journalist and environmental activist. Paul brings us first hand news about Enbridge’s rush to lay a lot of pipe before 5 courts are scheduled to give Native Nations their days in Court in 35 to 40 days. As all of this is happening, indigenous and non-indigenous resisters pray, sing, and cause disruptions and delays for huge semi trucks of pipe. Enbridge brought 4,000 pipe laying workers in from all around the country.



We, the undersigned Wisconsin faith leaders, are profoundly disturbed by persistent attempts over the last two months to overturn the will of the people as expressed in the November election, which has been called “the most secure in American history.”[1] These efforts came to a head last week in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol and our democratically elected leaders of all parties. As leaders of faith, we claim our role as part of our country’s moral conscience.

2020 was a dreadful episode of human rights violations

2020 is a dark closure to a dark decade in terms of realizing human rights and humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

(submitted by Peregrine Forum)


Court Orders Veterans Affairs Department to Replace Flawed Science in Plutonium Disaster Case - Jan 1, 2021

BY JOHN LAFORGE - Nukewatch Wisconsin

Counterpunch January 1, 2021


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