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Dane County has a chance to say bring our war dollars home!

On October 18th, Dane County Board Supervisor Kyle Richmond introduced resolution #145, "Calling on Congress and the President to Redirect U.S. Military Spending to Address Critical Domestic Priorities:  Bring Our War Dollars Home."

Speaking at a press conference that afternoon in support of the resolution were Supervisors Richmond and Melissa Sargent, the Chair of the County Board Health and Human Needs Committee, along with representatives from AFSCME Local 1871, Madison-area Urban Ministry, the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, and Veterans for Peace.  Click here to see pictures from the event.

If you'd rather fund community needs than a bloated and growing Pentagon budget and live in Dane County, please contact your Board Supervisor and County Executive Joe Parisi to register your support for the resolution.

The Capital Times reported that the resolution is "part of a national effort to press the Pentagon on reducing military spending so more money can be devoted to helping people in the U.S. ... WNPJ said $2.3 billion from Dane County taxpayers has been spent on war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001."

Sunday: Join the Global Days of Listening

10/21 Sun 9 am - 2 pm Global Days of Listening - international phone conversation. Listen to the the Afghan Peace Volunteers talk about the campaign Speakers from England, Sweden, the US, Afghanistan, and other countries. Listen via the LiveStream page on their website, join the conversation!

Punishing free speech but not murder

Brian Terrell (left) and other drone protestersBrian Terrell (on the left in the picture), a co-coordinator of WNPJ member group Voices for Creative Nonviolence, has been sentenced to six months in prison for a nonviolent protest of drone warfare that took place last April.

Brian and other protesters -- including Mark Kenney, who is serving four months, and Ron Faust, who is on probation -- took part in a peaceful action at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri because the base controls lethal predator drones that bomb communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In his statement during the sentencing hearing, Brian asked, "How to speak of an appropriate sentence where no crime has been committed?  No crime committed, at least, by the defendants?  Last month’s trial in this courtroom concerning a protest of killer drones flown from Whiteman Air Force Base left no doubt that this is the case."

Read his entire statement on the VCNV website, here.

Protesters Challenge Frac Sand

On Monday, October 1, more than 50 protesters gathered to greet attendees to a Frac Sand conference in Brooklyn Park, MN, a Twin Cities suburb. They included 35 from Winona, right across the Mississippi from Wisconsin, which has had an active frac sand protest movement. Seven protesters were arrested for climbing on top of a charter bus designated to transport conference attendees.

WNPJ members making news

The informed, active and passionate advocates that make up WNPJ's membership are often in the news!

Here's a recent sampling.  If you have other stories to share, please email them to

  • Long-time WNPJ friend, former Board member and volunteer with the LGBT WI Books to Prisoners and Madison Area Gay/Bi Father’s group at OutReach Dennis Bergren was interviewed on Madison community radio station WORT 89.9 fm recently (mp3 link), about his being honored by Community Shares of Wisconsin.
  • Voices for Creative Nonviolence co-founder, Nobel peace prize nominee, treasured WNPJ friend and member Kathy Kelly (left) was interviewed by fellow peace activist Bruce Gagnon on his public access TV show, This Issue.
  • WNPJ Board member, environmental work group staffer and graduate student in the UW-Madison geology department Carl Sack was interviewed about mining issues on Fighting Bob Radio.

Recycling Life

Kevin Corrado spent most of his career as a clinical social worker helping critically ill patients and their families. Now retired, he has a new position as the natural burial facilitator at Natural Path Sanctuary in Verona, where he works with the families to provide environmentally friendly burials for their loved ones. The sanctuary was created by Gene Farley following the death of his wife, Linda, in 2009.  "Linda wanted to be returned to the earth to contribute to the ongoing cycle of life," Corrado said.  For the complete article click here.  For more information on Natural Path Sanctuary, click here.

The Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability is a member group of WNPJ.

Member group opposes UW animal research study

Madison's Capital Times newspaper ran an article on August 8 about UW-Madison taking steps to re-start a series of decompression sickness studies using sheep after new legislation exempted the university from state animal cruelty statutes. The move is being condemned by WNPJ member group Alliance for Animals.

Letters from members in the news

Rick Bogle: Billions for medical research aren't worth it (Wisconsin State Journal)

A recent letter to the editor argued that the billions of taxpayer dollars doled out to medical researchers by the National Institutes of Health is something everyone should support because it creates jobs. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good the money actually does. And if we are going to spend billions of tax dollars to create jobs, I’d like to see them be jobs that actually benefit society.
Eve Galanter: Turn words into action for equality (Wisconsin State Journal Guest Column)

Wisconsin claims the honorable title of being the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment. This was not a battle easily won; in fact, the fight for women's suffrage spanned the better part of a century. Women's rights organizations began forming in Wisconsin in the early 1860s, but received little support from the general public

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