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New restaurant guide rates workplace quality

The Workers' Rights Center and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice in Madison, two WNPJ member groups, have published a new guide to Madison restaurants that focuses on employment conditions rather than food quality.

According to Patrick Hickey, director of the Workers' Rights Center, "We're really holding up those employers that go above and beyond. Hopefully by highlighting them, the other restaurants will see something they can aspire to."

Read the entire article here.

Milwaukee rally: Idle No More!

Milwaukee Rally: Idle No More!
Fri., Jan. 18, 3rd & Wisconsin Ave.
11:30 am, in front of Grand Avenue Mall - Contact

"Killing by Remote Control: Drone Warfare" 4-part series in Eagle River, Monday evenings

Learn more about U.S. killer drones on Monday evenings from Jan 28 to Feb 18 (6:30 - 8:30 pm) at Many Ways of Peace, 217 S. Main St. in downtown Eagle River.  All welcome!  The first talk is by Pat Chaffee, a Catholic sister from Racine who recently visited Pakistan with a Code Pink delegation to hear how drone warfare impacts communities there.

See below for details on this and other upcoming programs:

WNPJ members write in local media

Thanks to these WNPJ members for educating their communities and raising important issues through letters to the editor.  Click the titles below to read their messages in full.

Gene Farley: Abusing the planet threatens us all - "We all need jobs — jobs that pay a living wage and don’t misuse the planet."

Vincent Kavloski: Rebuked nuns are defenders of common good, dignity - "They are experienced practitioners of interfaith inquiry and dialogue — something our fractured world needs more than ever to avert fanaticism and violence"

Peggy Wireman: Sporting heritage Bill a threat to many park users - "If a hunter shoots and misses, some bullets can keep on going for up to a mile. So if you want to see spring flowers, kayak when the rivers are high in April or enjoy the late fall leaves, you risk being shot..."

Peggy Wireman: As guns kill kids, we cut resources - "We grieve for the 20 children killed last week but ignore the fact that on an average day 11 children and youth are slain using firearms."

WAVE quoted in articles on gun violence

WNPJ member group Wisconsin Anti-violence Effort (WAVE) is doing vital work to end gun violence.

Two recent Wisconsin State Journal articles quoted WAVE on gun violence and gun control issues.  The first article, on guns in Wisconsin, cites a WAVE poll that suggests that "Wisconsin has a high rate of gun ownership, with a little less than half of Wisconsin households having guns."  The second article reports on WAVE director Jeri Bonavia's January 9 meeting with Vice President Biden.

Is the Capitol crackdown fading?

"Capitol Police appear to have scaled back their crackdown on the Solidarity Singers, the group of lunchtime protesters who gather four times a week in the Capitol rotunda (and one day outside) to lampoon Republicans through song," wrote reporter Steve Elbow in the Capital Times.

Since its humble beginnings in March 2011, the Solidarity Sing-along has maintained a daily presence in the People's House, in support of labor and civil rights.  Initially launched by WNPJ, the Sing-along is now a member group.

Wisconsinites report on visit to Gaza

"Picture this normal scene: Teenage boys are playing soccer in front of their house on a sunny day in November. Just one problem: These boys live in the Gaza Strip. Suddenly a 13-year-old drops bleeding to the ground, shot by an Israeli soldier in a helicopter," write Michele Bahl and Tsela Barr, members of the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, a WNPJ member group.

They were in the Gaza Strip as part of an Interfaith Peace Builders' delegation as Israel was building up to "Operation Pillar of Cloud," which left 160 Palestinians dead and over 1000 injured.  Bahl and Barr urged "Republicans and Democrats alike to stop pouring billions of our tax money into the Israeli military machine which clearly has committed human rights abuses with U.S.-supplied weapons. The U.S. and Israel must stop trying to solve a political problem through military force, end the siege of Gaza, and stop sabotaging all efforts to negotiate a just solution in accordance with international law."

The struggle for land rights near the Gaza border

Yesterday in al-Faraheen, Gaza, Israeli Occupation Forces shot and wounded an unarmed 22 year old farmer, Mohammed Qdeih, from behind. Mohamed and nine others went out to their fields in the early afternoon, walking approximately 250 meters from the Israeli border.  Within minutes, two heavily armed Israeli military jeeps rushed to the security fence.  They issued a warning for the farmers and residents to leave the area and shortly thereafter the Palestinians, intimidated by the heavy military presence, began to head back to the village of Abasan.  The soldiers were not satisfied and opened fire, piercing Mohamed’s right arm from the backside. Israeli forces continued to shoot rounds of live ammunition while Mohamed and the others frantically evacuated and waited for an ambulance. (Photo of Ahmed and Mohammed Qdeih) To learn more about this event, written by Josh Brollier of, click on 'read more'...

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