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Loans for new nukes stopped again

From the Nuclear Resource and Information Service:

THANK YOU! You've done it again! You sent more than 15,000 letters to Congress in December and made many, many phone calls to stop $8 billion in taxpayer loans for new nuclear reactor construction. And the final government funding bill, signed by President Obama, contains not one dime for new nukes!

Government drops charges against Pentagon protesters

Federal prosecutors have decided to dismiss all charges against WNPJ member Joy First, of Monona, WI, and Max Obuszewski of Baltimore, MD, who were arrested at the Pentagon on August 9, 2010 while attempting to deliver a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The letter called for an end to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an end to US military policies that are destroying our planet. First and Obuszewski are members of the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, which is planning another action of nonviolent civil resistance at the Pentagon on April 8, 2011.

Vets for Peace opens Milwaukee food pantry

The Homeless Veterans Initiative sponsored by Milwaukee Veterans for Peace Chapter 102, a WNPJ member group, continues to grow. Partnering with St. John's Lutheran Church at 5500 W. Greenfield Ave, the homeless program has opened the first veteran food pantry in Milwaukee. The doors will open every Tuesday morning to the 100+ veterans that Veterans for Peace has been delivering food to every week.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners brings books to LGBT prisoners nationwide

In 2007 Wisconsin Books To Prisoners began a LGBT Project thanks to a starter grant from the New Harvest Foundation of Madison.  This project sends new and used books to LGBT prisoners nationwide, addressing an often marginalized and mistreated segment of the national prison system.  New Harvest has twice renewed its support during which the Project has grown from seven prisoners who had requested LGBT materials in mid 2007 to over 860 LGBT prisoners who have received at least one package of books today.  WBTP is grateful to NHF and also to OutReach LGBT Community Center in Madison for their support and continued donations.

Family Farm Defenders wins national recognition

The Community Food Security Coalition is pleased to present  FFD  the 2010 Food Sovereignty Prize at the 14th Annual Conference, Food, Culture & Justice in New Orleans, Louisiana. The award ceremony took place on Monday, October 18. Since 1994, Family Farm Defenders has worked tirelessly in the name of food sovereignty for farmers, fishers and laborers around the world. Congrats to this WNPJ member group.....John Kinsman and John Peck and all -

T.A.M.E. members hold a workshop ....

WNPJ members, Will Williams and Vicki Berenson led a 2 hour workshop at the Wisconsin State Human Relations Association’s Statewide Equity and Multicultural Education Conference on November 18. Will is a member of Veterans for Peace and Vicki is a member of the Madison Friends Meeting. Both have been involved with counter-recruiting efforts through TAME – The workshop was called "Alternative Perspectives on Military Recruiting and Service".

Tomato workers win historic agreement from growers

In a stunning advance, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has reached a far-reaching agreement with the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange that will improve pay and working conditions in 90 percent of Florida’s tomato industry. The victory is the result of a years-long strategy of targeting well-known brands that purchase tomatoes from FTGE growers, including Taco Bell, McDonalds and Whole Foods. The CIW’s combination of worker-led organizing in the fields and publicity about farmworkers’ conditions among the general public resulted in a series of agreements from food companies to pay an extra penny a pound for tomatoes, a 60 percent raise for tomato workers. In Wisconsin, Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice and Student Labor Action Coalition worked to educate the public about the CIW campaign. Read more about the Immokalee Workers victory here...

National Council of Churches calls for end to war in Afghanistan

The National Council of Churches, parent organization of WNPJ member group Wisconsin Council of Churches, has adopted a resolution calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan by a unanimous vote of its governing board.

The resolution, "A Call to End the War in Afghanistan," calls upon President Obama to negotiate a withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan "to be completed as soon as possible without further endangerment to the lives and welfare of U.S. and NATO troops, Afghan troops and Afghan civilians."    

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