Sustainable Solutions: WI Defense Transition

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A coalition of labor, economic justice, social justice, legislators, and faith groups have been working together to transition Wisconsin into a new era less dependent on military funding and more on sustainable civilian and environmentally friendly manufacturing

Watch videos about the project here: 

Sustainable Solutions: What We Need

Sustainable Solutions:  Interview with Joe Priesler

Sustainable Solutions: Interview with Melissa Sargent

Sustainable Solutions: Interview with David Newby

Sustainable Solutions: Interview with Daren Olson



Building on the success of Connecticut passing state legislation to create a Futures Commission, WI has a chance to bring together a diverse range of partners to plan for sustainable solutions to declining defense contracts.   Click Below for more information:

Connecticut Futures Commission Overview

Back to the Future:  Article on the 90's effort for Just Transition

Just Transition:  Recent Article by Michael Eisenscher on the topic








$2 Million has been allocated to the Oshkosh area following over 2,000 layoffs of union employees from Oshkosh Truck, to research the impacts and diversify the manufacturing efforts in that area.  The next step is to implement plans that have been made.  We seek to bring more OEA money to the rest of the state for planning and transition to a new economy that protects workers and the environment:  Click Below for more information: 

Overview of OEA process 

Factsheet of OEA project

More information on the results of the OEA study






The Badgercare Referenda reached over half the state and won with overwhelming bi-partisan support.  Our county resolutions and referenda build off of this effort to call for sustainable solutions to the loss in defense manufacturing in the state.  Click Below for more information: 

Draft Resolution

Results of Badgercare Referenda









Our second annual film festival was a great success in May of 2015.  For two years we have held trainings and workshops with youth around the state about the federal budget from which they create videos about what they would do with $1 trillion for their community rather than it being spent on the military budget.  Winning films are shown at the spring festival and the youth visit their congressional representatives to lobby for a budget that reflects the needs of their community.  

Click Below for more information: 

Overview, tools, and submission forms

Watch the finalist videos here