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Action Alert 1: Return 17-year-olds to the Juvenile Justice System
Action Alert 2: Restore Wisconsin's 48-hour Cooling-off Period for Handgun Buyers
Action Alert 3: M Adams to receive Community Change Maker Award!
Action Alert 4: Drone Quilt Exhibit at the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda
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Action Alert 1: Ask the state to return first-time, non-violent 17-year-old offenders to the juvenile justice system
Background: The Second Chance Act (AB 387/SB 308) is now being circulated for co-sponsors. This is the bill that would return first-time, non-violent 17-year-old offenders to the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to get as many co-sponsors, especially Republican co-sponsors, on the bill as possible. Soon, we will also be looking for some people who could perhaps testify at a hearing about the need for this bill.  This is a piece of our 11x15 agenda that has a good chance to move forward very soon.  Please give it a push if you can!
Take Action: Please call your State Assembly Representative and your State Senator:ask them to sign on as co-sponsors. Find your representative here.  Talking points are here.
Contact for more info: And, let me know (,  414-736-2099) what you learn… if they say yes, or no, or if they have questions or concerns.

Action Alert 2: Restore Wisconsin's 48-hour Cooling-off Period for Handgun Buyers
Background: “In 11 states with waiting periods, the longer the waiting period, the lower the gun suicide rate.” -The New York Times [1] That’s the indisputable finding of a new study in The American Journal of Public Health. And it offers all the evidence we need to demand our lawmakers fix what they broke and reinstate the cooling-off period for gun purchases that they repealed earlier this year. One of our allies in Madison just introduced a bill to restore this lifesaving family protection law. But the deadline for co-sponsors is THIS FRIDAY -- so your legislators need to know, today, that you expect them to sign on. If you have any doubt our elected leaders are misinformed about the lifesaving impact of Wisconsin’s waiting period, just read Rep. Mike Rohrkaste’s justification for voting to repeal it: “There was really no evidence that the 48-hour rule really prevented or saved anybody [from gun violence]…” [2] They want evidence?  We have evidence! Our elected leaders need to know they made a terrible mistake -- and fix it, before more lives are lost.
Take Action: Tell your state legislators to follow the facts -- and throw their support into restoring Wisconsin’s 48-hour cooling-off period for handgun buyers.
Contact for more info:

Action Alert 3: M Adams to receive Community Change Maker Award!
Background: Freedom, Inc.'s M Adams has been selected for the 2015 Community Change-Maker Award, presented by Community Shares of Wisconsin. This prestigious award is offered to three recipients each year in recognition for their work as local leaders creating critical change in Wisconsin. Freedom, Inc., under the leadership of M Adams, has spearheaded campaigns for the human right to housing, justice for Tony Robinson, dignity for Black lives and in defense of Black women under attack by the government, particularly Brandi Grayson and Cierra Finkley.
Other honorees of the 2015 Community Change-Makers Awards include Melanie Ramey of League of Women Voters of Wisconsin receiving the Linda Sundberg Civil Rights Defender Award; and Cora White of the Center for Resilient Cities receiving the Sally Sunde Family Advocate Award;
Take Action: There is still time to reserve tickets to the award ceremony, which will be held on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at Union South (at University of Wisconsin in Madison) from 5:00 to 7:00pm. Reserve your tickets to the event by clicking here.
Contact for more info: (608) 256-1066 or

Action Alert 4: Drone Quilt Exhibit at the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda
Background: Madison area peace groups will display 5 quilts and informational posters in the Capitol Rotunda drawing attention and educating the public to the consequences of U.S. drone warfare. Each quilt was made by individuals-square by square-from all over the world, to commemorate the civilian victims of U.S. weaponized drone strikes in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. These quilts are visual reminders of the names of real people, mostly women and children, who are the ‘collateral damage’ of US and Israeli drone programs.  We honor their lives and say their names. Join a presentation from sponsoring groups including reading of the names of some of the victims of drone warfare.  Sponsors:  Veterans for Peace, Clarence Kailin Chapter 25, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom-Madison,Monday Noon Peace vigil, Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, and the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice.
Take Action: Monday, September 21st through Sunday, September 27th, First floor - PRESENTATION AND READING Friday, September 25th, noon to 1 pm
Contact for more info: 608-467-2637 or

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