Action Alerts: Today and This Week, August 25th 2015

Action Alert 1: Let it Shine! Vigil at Volk Field Today at 3:30
Action Alert 2: Say No to War! Wednesday at 12:00 noon
Action Alert 3: Honoring Dennis Bergren and Art Lloyd
Action Alert 4: #BlackTransLivesMatter Action and Call


Action Alert 1: Let it Shine! Vigil at Volk Field today at 3:30
Background: Following an 8 day 90-mile walk, activists from around the country will gather for a vigil and act of non-violent civil-disobedience at Volk Field to protest the violence of drone killings. Click here for an article about the walk by Kathy Kelly. For more information about the vigil click here
Take Action: Join us today at 3:00 at the Castle Rock Wayside or 3:30 at Volk Field!
Contact for more info: Z!:, 608-358-9993

Action Alert 2: Say No to War!
Background: Rally at Congressman Mark Pocan’s office to show that we support his efforts for diplomacy over war with Iran. Mark needs our support in defending the Iran Nuclear Arms Accord. Opponents want to scuttle this sensible agreement-and start a new war (possibly nuclear) in the Mid-East, attacking supposed Iranian nuclear weapons sites (Sound like Iraq?) We don’t need another war! Read more here
Take Action: Join the rally Wednesday August 26th at 12:00 Noon at 10 E. Doty St in front of Rep. Pocan’s office.
Contact for more info: Z!: 608-358-9993

Action Alert 3: Honor Dennis Bergren and Art Lloyd two long-time WNPJ supporters.
Background: Dennis Bergren and Art Lloyd have both passed recently and have played crucial roles in the development and ongoing work of WNPJ. They have both helped WNPJ push on at hard times when we needed the extra support. Dennis was also a long-time organizer of LGBT Books to Prisons, and also the WNPJ LGBT Activist Award. Art has been active with many peace and social justice efforts for many years.
Take Action: Send us your appreciation for Dennis and Art and we will direct it to their families. We will be writing more about their lives and work in future communications.
Contact for more info:, 608-358-9993, WNPJ 122 State St #405, Madison WI 53703

Action Alert 4: #BlackTransLivesMatter day of action, and Showing Up for Racial Justice call.
Background: Today, Tuesday the 25th is a national day of action for honoring the lives of Black Transgender Women, 5 of whom were killed in one week this month. Showing Up for Racial Justice will host a call on Thursday August 27th at 7:00 to discuss what white people are doing and can do to take action to make #BlackTransLivesMatter
Take Action: View this toolkit on actions you can take today. Register here for the call on Thursday.
Contact for more info:, 608-358-9993

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