Pancakes For Peace, Tar Sands March, Say NO To Expanded Prisons

Action Alert 1: Get on the bus against tar sands pipeline
Action Alert 2: Flip pancakes for peace
Action Alert 3: Say NO to expanding the prison system
Action Alert 1: Get on the bus against tar sands pipeline
Background: Wisconsin has a larger tar sands pipeline than the proposed Keystone XL - Enbridge line 61. In addition, Enbridge may be planning to build another one, and we also have bomb trains rolling through our cities and rural areas that put large numbers of people, our lands and our waters, at risk. On Saturday, June 6, thousands will gather in the Twin Cities for the Tar Sands Resistance March — the largest anti-tar sands event ever in the region. We are coming together to send a clear message: keep toxic tar sands out of America’s Heartland, fight for clean water, clean energy, and a safe climate! Take Action: You can join us to show your support. Go to to sign up for the March. Buses are leaving many cities throughout Wisconsin.  Simply go to to reserve your place on one of these buses. Contact for more info: or contact Mark Westlund at 415-977-5719 or
Action Alert 2: Flip pancakes for peace
Background: WNPJ's most delicious fundraiser, Pancakes for Peace, returns to the Energy Fair in Custer (near Stevens Point) on Friday, June 19. Support your network, see friends and enjoy a delicious breakfast by volunteering at - or just eating at - the event!
Take Action: If you can help cut fruit, flip pancakes, serve real Wisconsin maple syrup or otherwise volunteer at Pancakes for Peace, please contact us at or 608-250-9240.
Contact for more info: WNPJ, office@wnpj.org608-250-9240

Action Alert 3: Say NO to expanding the prison system
Background: The legislative Joint Finance Committee accepted the Department of Corrections request for an additional $5 million to make provisions to INCREASE THE PRISON POPULATION by about 500 people in the next 2 years. The $5 million that was suddenly available is money that is desperately needed for our schools and universities.  It is needed for Treatment Alternatives and Diversions.  It is needed for Transitional Jobs.  
Take Action: Take a few minutes to contact your state Assembly Representative and State Senator.  The simple message:  “Do NOT pass a budget that includes funds to expand the prison system.”  Other points you may want to highlight are:
1. There are proven, safe ways to reduce the prison population.  The Administration can take measures to fix the broken parole system that is keeping hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people in prison longer that the sentencing judge ever envisioned.  The Administration can also increase efforts to provide alternatives to revocation for people on supervision who have not committed a new crime.
2. The $5 million that Joint Finance wants to put into prison expansion should instead be put into Treatment Alternatives and Diversions, which can keep people OUT of our prisons and jails.
3. The Department of Corrections has not said why it assumes an increase in the inmate population in coming years.  The proposal to Joint Finance was made with no prior discussion.  Any proposal for prison expansion should at least be subject to public scrutiny.

To find the contact information for your state legislators, click here, and enter your address where it says “Find My Legislators”.

Also, send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  When you write a letter, make a phone call or send an e-mail, let us know ( and let us know if you get a response.  Check our website for tips on letters to the editor.

We ALL need to step up and make our voices heard if we are going to stop the endless growth of our prison system and the insane rate of incarceration, especially of people of color and poor people.

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