WNPJ Action Alerts: May 5th

Action Alert 1: Protect Citizens’ Rights to Protect Their Water
Action Alert 2: Donate to Helambu Project to help Nepal's disaster relief effort
Creating a Peaceful Future Youth Film Festival Videos

Action Alert 1: Protect Citizens’ Rights to Protect Their Water
Background: We won a U.S. Clean Water Act lawsuit against a multinational mining company, but we were ordered to pay their court costs.
Project Summary
Hi, I’m Al Gedicks, and I want to share a story about an experience I had that could put a chilling effect on the ability of citizens to stand up for their water.
Rio Tinto’s Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith, Wisconsin polluted a tributary to the Flambeau River harming the health of the water. This is one of the largest mining corporations in the world.
My organization, the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council, and our partners filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit against them and WE WON – showing they polluted the stream with copper and zinc!
But the bad news is that the decision was overturned by the Court of Appeals on a technicality – a mistake that was made by the state of Wisconsin, and not because our case wasn’t strong.
Amazingly, incredulously, all three plaintiffs together, including us, were ordered to pay the polluter’s court costs – which total over $60,000. I couldn’t believe it, the company polluted, but we had to pay!  Wisconsin Resources Protection Council now owes the mining company $20,000.
Take Action: Will you help us cover these costs with a donation today?
If polluters can get away with bullying citizen groups like ours for trying to enforce the Clean Water Act, it will have a chilling effect on our ability and willingness to speak up about these issues.
With your help, we’ll pay the fees. But we won’t STOP fighting to make sure mines don’t harm our state’s precious water supplies, the tourism and dairy industries, and the many Native American communities that are located near potential mine site.
Your support today will allow us to continue our focus to keep mines accountable. Will you stick with us and help us now?  Please visit our fundraising campaign website and make a donation: http://igg.me/at/WRPC

Contact for more info: http://www.wrpc.net/
Action Alert 2: WNPJ's member group, PC Foundation, has a project in Nepal. They are working on the ground to give disaster relief.

Background: Donate to Helambu Project (Fiscal Sponsorship in care of PC Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin – Nancy Emmert, Treasurer). PC/Press Connection Foundation is a Fiscal Sponsor with Tax-Free status to facilitate fundraising for NGOs like Helambu Project. Helambu Project is thrilled to partner with an all-volunteer organization like PC/Press Connection Foundation. PC/Press Connection Foundation takes 5% of your donation and it goes towards their own grant-making programs that facilitate the work of other volunteer-run NGOs. Helambu Project fully understands and endorses this. By donating here, you are supporting Helambu Project’s educational, health, and cultural programs. A very small slice of your donation goes to PC/Press Connection Foundation for their good work in helping NGOs get going. Helambu Project is happy to be partnered with PC/Press Connection Foundation and has full confidence in their good faith.

Take Action: http://helambuproject.org/donate-in-the-usa/

Contact for more info: If you have any questions feel free to contact Chris Limburg of Helambu Project at chris@helambuproject.org or Nancy Emmert, PC Foundation Treasurer at nancy_emmert@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you for your generosity. You are helping make the world become a smarter, healthier, and wiser place by donating here. Peace be with you.

Thanks to our host, Althea René, and everyone who came out to support the Creating a Peaceful Future Youth Film Festival. For those of you still wanting to donation to the scholarship fund, please click here.

Please enjoy the videos!

Video shown at the film festival by Urban Underground
Youth organization, Milwaukee
The password is : "uu"

Video shown at the film festival by Naomi Makesa (GSAFE)

James Madison Memorial High School, Madison

Video shown at the film festival: 
Peyton Yang (Freedom Inc)
West High School, Madison

Video shown at the film festival by Skylar Lee (GSAFE)
West High School, Madison

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