Action Alerts: April 28th

Action Alert 1: Contact your representative and ask that they co-sponsor this new bill, the ONLY nuclear weapons abolition bill in the U.S. Congress!
Action Alert 2: Support Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin
Action Alert 3: Join A State-Wide Living Wage Campaign
May Day Events

Action Alert 1: Contact your representative and ask that they co-sponsor this new bill, the ONLY nuclear weapons abolition bill in the U.S. Congress!

Background: Polls indicate that over 70% of Americans want "the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons."  We must begin to turn public sentiment into public policy, and make advances toward a peaceful, nuclear-weapons-free future.

The Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2015 bill calls for prompt leadership by the United States in achieving an international treaty (such as the United Nations’ Proposed Nuclear Weapons Convention) for the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide, under strict international control.  Under the bill, the U.S. resources that would have otherwise been spent on nuclear weapons would be used for the development and deployment of sustainable, carbon- and nuclear-free energy sources and investments in healthcare, housing, education, agriculture and environmental restoration.  This conversion would ensure that any peace dividend would go toward helping to create a peace economy when the President certifies to Congress that all countries possessing nuclear weapons have begun elimination under international treaty or other legal agreement. 

The bill would move the United States toward greater compliance with Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and President Barack Obama’s objective to take concrete steps for a world free of nuclear weapons.  The 2011 ratification of the bilateral New START treaty by the United States and Russia was an important step.  The next step is a multilateral treaty among all nuclear powers to move toward global nuclear disarmament.  The bill will take us in that direction.  

Take Action: AT LAST!! Congress is considering a bill to abolish nuclear weapons! There’s never been a better time to talk with our leaders about a nuclear-free future! Ask your U.S. representative to co-sponsor the “Nuclear Weapons Abolition & Economic and Energy Conversion Act” introduced for Earth Day 2015 by DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Call your representative TODAY! 
Congressional switchboard 202-224-3121

Contact for more info:
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Disarm/End Wars Committee

Action Alert 2: Support Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin

Take Action: We need you this Friday, May 1st!!
This Friday, we're taking a moment to call every single member of Wisconsin's Joint Committee on Finance and urge them to support Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin. The committee will be reconsidering the issue and could, with your help, add the acceptance of federal Medicaid funding to the upcoming budget ---meaning that roughly 170,000 more Wisconsinites could get the healthcare that they need.

Please take 15-20 minutes this Friday to contact the legislators below and urge them to accept the federal Medicaid expansion funding. If any of them are your legislators, be sure to mention that you are a constituent! If you're not sure who your legislators are, click here. For tips on what to say when you call, see below. 

Joint Committee on Finance Members
Senator Alberta Darling, Co-Chair​ (608) 266-5830
Senator Luther Olsen​ (608) 266-0751        
​Senator Sheila Harsdorf (608) 266-7745
​Senator Leah Vukmir (608) 266-2512
​Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509
​Senator Howard Marklein​ (608) 266-0703
Senator Lena Taylor ​ (608) 266-5810
Senator Jon Erpenbach (608) 266-6670
Representative John Nygren, Co-Chair​ (608) 266-2343
Representative Dale Kooyenga (608) 266-9180
Representative Amy Loudenbeck (608) 266-9967
​Representative Dean Knudson (608) 266-1526
​Representative Michael Schraa (608) 267-7990
Representative Mary Czaja (608) 266-7694
Representative Chris Taylor​ (608) 266-5342
Representative Gordon Hintz (608) 266-2254

What should I say when I call? Why should we expand Medicaid in WI?
  • Healthcare is a human right.
  • At least 170,000 addition people could be covered by BadgerCare, many of whom are your own constituents.
  • The Federal Government would cover 100% of the cost of the expansion for the first three years and 90% after that. This frees up state tax dollars to be spent on other worthy programs.
  • It will help hospitals and medical providers by reducing the amount of uncompensated care.
  • It would make mental health services available to many who do not have insurance to pay for those needed services.
  • People are healthier and live long when they have access to health care.
  • It is good for the economy both in creating jobs and in providing a healthier workforce.
  • Access to health care coverage should not be a partisan issue. Governors who oppose the Affordable Care Act have accepted the Medicaid Expansion money because they believed it is good for the citizens of their state to have access to health care coverage.
  • Wisconsin taxpayers sent more money to Washington D.C. in federal taxes than they receive back in federal program dollars. This would help fix the balance.
  • The Joint Committee on Finance can amend the Governor’s budget to accept the provisions of Medicaid expansion, giving coverage to many additional people.
  • Accepting federal expansion money would bring in almost $400 million for the BadgerCare program over two years.
When you're done, shoot us an email at and let us know how your calls went!
Action Alert 3: Join A State-Wide Living Wage Campaign

Background: At a time when economists, lawmakers, and the public are increasingly alarmed by the tremendous rise in income inequality; when wages are falling in relationship to inflation and productivity; and when funding for safety net programs such as food stamps is being slashed, it is imperative that faith communities partner with social justice activists, the labor community, and other stakeholders to build a long-term, state-wide campaign toward a living wage and fair working conditions that lift workers out of poverty into security. 

Take Action: Toward this end, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice of South Central Wisconsin are partnering to bring together as broad a coalition as possible to create such a campaign. We invite you to join in this effort!
As a state, we need to work together to create policies that truly enable our working families to live in economic security.  Those policies would include a true living wage, sufficient work hours to make that wage meaningful, paid sick leave and family leave, paid vacation, and access to affordable child care and health care, and access to public transportation. All Wisconsin working families should be able to live in dignity, secure in the knowledge that their honest labor will reap fair pay that will enable them to feed and house their families. 
We are reaching out to the faith community, organizations that work on hunger, homelessness, health care, women’s issues, labor, and transportation; those that work on direct service and those that focus on grassroots organizing and advocacy. We hope thereby to build on our collective strengths and different areas of expertise, and create a dynamic and powerful movement for change.
Please join us on Thursday, May 7, from 10:00 to 11:30 at Lake Edge United Church of Christ, 4200 Buckeye Road, Madison, for an initial exploratory meeting.  
Please RSVP to Rabbi Bonnie Margulis by May 4 at or 608-827-9482.  

MAY DAY, Friday, May 1st!


11 a.m. at 1027 S. 5th St., Milwaukee WI 
Fair immigration policies, freedom to organize in the workplace, a living wage, and justice for all immigrants!

3:30PM Gathering at Brittingham Park
5:00PM Rally at the Capital Stairs (State St)
Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants, $15 & a Union: Jobs and Living Wages for ALL, Union Rights, Worker’s Rights NOW!, No To Budget Cuts, No to Police Brutality!

Saturday, May 2nd at 11 a.m.
WNPJ Steering Committee Meeting
All member organizations have been invited to share activities! Come find out how we can all support each other!
"Growing a Peaceful Future" Youth Film Festival to follow at 1 p.m. 
UW Madison South Park Community Space 2312 S. Park St.

For other upcoming events,
please visit for a full listing of events by WNPJ members and allies.

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