WNPJ Action Alerts: Week of April 13th

Action Alert 1: Conservation Congress Hearings TONIGHT!
Action Alert 2: Earth Day Events
Action Alert 3: Support an Independent Investigation Leg by the UN and OAS
Action Alert 4: WNPJ's Spring Newsletter

Action Alert 1: Conservation Congress Hearings TONIGHT

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress Spring Public Hearings will be happening tonightat 7 across the state. A list of locations is here. In case you haven't heard, this year's ballot includes a) a question on opening a sandhill crane hunt, and b) a question on opposing the removal of the Natural Resource's Board's authority to set DNR policy included in the proposed state budget (I'll be voting no on the first item and yes on the second).

In addition, people around the state will be introducing the following citizens' resolutions:
If you would like to introduce one or two of these, simply print two copies, sign the bottom, bring them with you to the hearing, and give them to a DNR staff person there to post. 
Hope you can make it out tonight.


Action Alert 2: Earth Day Events

Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson said, “The wealth of the nation is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and biodiversity… that’s all there is. That’s the whole economy. That’s where all the economic activity and jobs come from. These biological systems are the sustaining wealth of the world.”   
As we approach Earth Day this year, we are reminded of the importance of these words in the work of 350Madison to resist the expansion of toxic tar sands traveling through our state and urge UW-Madison to divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean, renewable energy.  
We hope you can join us for two great events to honor the legacy of Gaylord Nelson and take action to protect the true wealth of our nation.
4/20/15 Event details:
When: April 20, 4:30p.m.
Why: We'll join our allies in the Global Climate Convergence in this event to kick off Earth Week and call attention to urgent threats to Wisconsin like tar sands expansion.  The major goal of this rally is to reach out to people leaving Neil DeGrasse Tyson's sold-out keynote at the Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference with information about pressing issues and how they can get involved in the movement that's happening here and now.
4/21/15 Event Details:
When: April 21, 6p.m.
Why: Enbridge is threatening the Midwest and Great Lakes with toxic tar sands pipelines but communities are joining together to protect our water and stop this climate catastrophe.  We will hear from First Nations women fighting tar sands in Canada, local voices opposing tar sands in WI, and then plan & strategize how we can work together to build resistance to this dirty & dangerous fuel. 
*We are deeply honored that the tour is stopping in Madison.  Other stops in WI include Whitewater, Stevens Point and Superior.  Please click here for more information about these tour stops and share with your networks in those areas.  

Action Alert 3:  Support an Independent Investigation Led by the UN and OAS

During a recent press conference last week, Young Gifted and Black and Freedom Inc. presented a ground breaking demand in the fight against police brutality and murder: a dual track independent investigation, conducted by international human rights bodies at the United Nations (UN) and Organization of American States (OAS) into the Madison police killing of Tony Robinson and the systemic racial disparities, including the use of police as an occupying force, in Dane County, WI.



We NEED your voice to add to this demand. If you have not already, then please SIGN THE PETITION TODAY. If you have signed, please forward this email to your family, friends and others interested in justice.

Join the fight for human rights and a turning point in the movement to fight police brutality by signing the petition asking the UN and OAS to conduct a dual track independent investigation in Madison.

This is an ambitious demand that we an only win with your support. Please sign the petition today!


Action Alert 4WNPJ's Spring Newsletter

More news and other information in our Spring Newsletter, including WNPJ Boardresponse to the shooting of Tony Robinson, Strategic Planning and Survey, Standing Up Against Drones, and the 2nd Annual Video Conference and upcoming Steering Committee.

For other upcoming events,
Please visit wnpj.org/calendar for a full listing of events by WNPJ members and allies.