Help With Conservation Congress Citizen Resolutions

Last year, dozens of citizens around the state introduced citizen's resolutions at the Conservation Congress spring hearings. The hearings take place every April at the same time in each county of the state and are a place for the public to be heard on conservation issues. They typically draw people with "hook and bullet" concerns, which makes it an important opportunity for reaching this influential constituency with education about environmental issues in the state that threaten the ecosystems that wildlife (and people) depend on. This year's hearings are on April 13 at 7 pm; the list of locations for the hearings is here
Even if you have never done it before, you can attend a hearing and introduce one of the citizens resolutions we already have prepared. It is very easy to introduce a resolution at the spring hearing. Simply print a copy, add your name, contact information and signature to the bottom of the resolution, then bring two copies to the hearing with you and give them to a DNR staff person there for posting. 
You may introduce up to two resolutions. The resolutions will not be brought up until near the end of the hearing. While you can leave earlier if you need to, it is best if you can stick around until your resolution is brought up so you can speak to its merit. The most important reason to introduce resolutions like this is to educate the conservation-minded public about what's happening to the environment in their state.
Draft copies of the resolutions you can choose from are attached to this message. There are four:
If you are interested in helping out by introducing one or two of these resolutions in your county, please fill out this simple form so we can track who is introducing which resolutions where.
If we work together, we can halt the massive environmental damage taking place and future threats to our water and land. Forward!