Who we are/Who is this for/Why does it matter

Who we are:

Our planning committee includes people connected primarily to two organizations:

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice: A statewide network consisting of 150 member groups and 300 individual members working for sustainable, non-violent world.

Groundwork:  Madison-based organization working to engage more white people in racial justice work.

Who is this for?

Predominately white people, and people of color around the state, who want to be allies to the Black Lives Matter efforts.

Why would this matter to you?

Maybe you are white and live in a mostly white area.  Why does this matter? 

Whether you are a person of color, you live in an area where there are people of color, or not, you can effect racism.   There are likely people of color that you come in contact with whether or not you realize it.  Either way, learning about racism in the context of US history informs our sense of self, and our sense of what it means to be a human being.  By standing silent we choose a side, and right now is an important time to stand on the side of justice for black lives by getting educated, teaching others and taking action.

For people of color who are not black, this is a moment to question any anti-black sentiment in ourselves or our communities.  It is also a time to build connections and to see that the liberation of all people of color is bound together and the freedom and liberation of black people is a key piece to everyone's liberation.