Action Alerts for November 24th

Action Alert 1:Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ferguson - statewide
Action Alert 2: It's Time to Make Your Peace Wreaths
Action Alert 3: Watch as Iraqi Refugees Bring Their Stories to Americans
Action Alert 4A WNPJ Member Group can provide small grants and/or serve as a fiscal agent - for your group



Action Alert 1: Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ferguson. #blacklivesmatter. There is a plan in the Madison area to gather Tuesday, November 25th -  for a 12:00 Noon Press Conference, at the Fountain of Life Church, 633 Badger Rd. Then at 3:30 pm, there will be a rally at the downtown Madison Jail to say:
*No New Jail
*Resources for Community-Based Organizations
*Release Those Incarcerated for Crimes of Poverty
For more information, see  
ACTION: Please let WNPJ if you have similar events planned in your communities throughout Wisconsin - at


Action Alert 2:  It's Time to Make Your Peace Wreaths!

You are invited to come make peace wreaths with WNPJ! For those of you in Madison, we will meet on Sunday, December 7, at Wil-Mar Center, 953 Jenifer St. The wreath workshop is drop-in style, for all ages and skill levels, open from 11 am – 5 pmOn Facebook? Invite your friends!   
For a sliding-scale $30 to $100 tax-deductible donation to WNPJ, we'll provide you with a "peace-ified" wreath frame, sustainably gathered local greens, pine cones, ribbons and all that you need to make your own unique and beautiful peace wreath, including instruction from experienced wreath-makers in Spanish or English.  Kids are welcome, and young children should come with someone older to work with or be looked out for by, as there are sharp tools involved with wreath making. Or, if you join or renew your WNPJ membership with a $5 monthly sustainership, we'll thank you with a wreath!
Interested? Please RSVP for the Madison event as soon as possible (but no later than December 3rd) by emailing or calling (608)250-9240. 

And if you're not in Madison, you can do this, too! Gather greens, pinecones and berries, get your colleagues together - and you're ready to make beautiful peace wreaths for the holiday season!  (The picture uptop is one of our wreaths.)

We wish you a peaceful and happy holiday season!



Action Alert 3: Watch as Iraqi Refugees Bring Their Stories to Americans.
Background: A new series of films, supported by the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project (IARP) tells the stories of Iraqis coping with the horrors of war. 
For the past several months, filmmaker Nathan Fisher and IARP, a WNPJ member group, have worked with Iraqi refugees in Minnesota to produce videos telling their stories of coping with war and dislocation. The guiding principle has been to allow the Iraqis to tell their own stories and to focus on what they want to tell Americans. To read or listen to the story of Zaid Alshamaa, one of the stories featured on Minnesota Public Radio, click hereThe films will be featured at the upcoming Mizna Arab Film Festival in Minnesota, and IARP will host a filmmakers' discussion and reception on December 2You can donate to support this project, or contact IARP to learn how your communities can view the films. Donations will support other work for reconciliation: supporting Iraqi women and peacemakers, providing clean water to Iraqi schools, arts and cultural exhibitions, and professional exchanges between Iraqis and Americans. TO learn more, see 


Action Alert 4: A WNPJ Member Group Can Provide Small Grants and/or Serve as a Fiscal Agent - for your group

Q: What do * WI Books to Prisons * Groundwork * * MAPC * UTI * have in common?
A: They are all WNPJ member groups - and they all raise funds using the PC Foundation as their fiscal agent. Read more.....
What is the PC Foundation? We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, staffed by volunteers from Madison WI, addressing social justice needs of individuals, families and communities. We have been active locally for nearly 35 years - and have been involved as a fiscal agent for projects totaling $85,000 over the last 5 years. And the PC Foundation is also a WNPJ member group!
Here's what we do:
  1. Provide fiscal sponsorship and other types of organizational support to individuals and groups. We were sponsors this year for these 5 WNPJ member groups, as well as other community groups with projects in Nepal, Ecuador, Friends of Peaches Lacy and more!
  2. Provide small grants to individuals and groups. We have provided small grants to local groups working on social justice projects totaling over $1600 over the last 5 years. For example, we were able to donate $300 in support of the Dane County Timebank's Wellness Project in 2014.
And here's what YOU can do today in support of this work:
  • DONATE - so we can expand our financial support and small grants..
  • Like' our Facebook page and share with your friends.
  • Check out our website for more information -
  • If your group is looking for a fiscal agent to process tax-exempt donations or would like to apply for a small grant - let us know! The PC Foundation is eager to offer support for your work.
The PC Foundation accepts donations using Paypal as well as by check.  Checks can be sent to us at PC Foundation, 2820 Marshall Court, #1, Madison, WI, 53705. 
Questions? Contact Other Board members are John Peck, Dan Nordstrom, Judy Miner and Yvonne Geertz.


Some upcoming events, statewide
Please visit for a full listing of events by WNPJ members and allies.

  • Ontario: Sat 11/29. Renewing a Commitment to Peace: A Peacemaker Conversation at Echo Valley.   Learn more at or contact:
  • Racine:  Fri 12/5  "Tensions within Islam: ISIS and History," presentation by Nathan Godley, Alverno College, 7:00 pm, Olympia Brown UU Church, 625 College Avenue, Racine.    Info: Wayne Johnson, of the RCPJ group, at
  • Madison: Sat 12/6 18th Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival  9am - 4pm.   If past years are any indication (and we suspect they are) we will have a dazzling array of fair trade products from around the world.  Shop the 18th annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival for "Gifts With a Story". 50+ vendors of beautiful unique gifts from around the world and Wisconsin, including jewelry, textiles, clothing and art, hand-crafted by small scale artisans for a living wage. Monona Terrace Exhibition Hall (1 John Nolen Dr, Madison), next to the indoor Farmers' Market. For more information check or contact 608-251-3241.  It’s holiday shopping that is fun, unique and helps creates a world of good.  Hosted by Outside the Bean. There will be many WNPJ member groups tabling and selling products. Check them out! Free Admission.
  • Milwaukee: Sat 12/13 MMWC 4th Annual Fundraiser Dinner: Making A Difference! 6 - 9 pm. The Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition says 'Join us for our Making A Difference - at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Bradley Pavilion.' For tickets and more information, contact: