WNPJ members in the news


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Environmentalists work to stop Enbridge expansion: Madison 350 is requesting that Dane and other Wisconsin counties require bonding on the Enbridge pipeline that is proposed to carry tar sand oil across Wisconsin. “There is nothing in state or federal law that protects communities against a spill,” said Peter Anderson, a member of the group. “The oil spill laws that the federal government has do not apply to tar sand oil spills.” The Capital Times, 7/10/14. Madison 350 is a WNPJ member group.

Bonnie Block: Military occupations do not work. The Capital Times, 7/23/14. Bonnie Block is with UNA -Dane County, the Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars and other WNPJ member groups. 

Steve Books: Learn from Sierra Nevada's sustainability. The Wisconsin State Journal, 7/10/14. Steve Books is with the Madison chapter of Veterans for Peace, a WNPJ member group. 

Kevin Gundlach: Most minimum wage workers are NOT teensThe Capital Times, 7/7/14. Kevin Gundlich is president of the South Central Federation of Labor, a WNPJ member group.