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Tom Boswell, F-35s at Truax raise new pollution concerns, Capital Times, April 27, 2019, Tom Boswell is a writer, photographer and community organizer who lives near Truax Field. He blogs at TomBoswellblog.wordpress.com

Al Gedicks, Can Brazilian tailings dam disaster happen here?, La Crosse Tribune, February 8, 2019, Al Gedicks is executive secretary of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council in La Crosse.

Mary TelferThe Vilas monkeys: A 20-year anniversay, The Capital Times, February 26, 2018, Mary Telfer is the executive director of Alliance for Animals, a WNPJS member group.

Al Gedicks and Dave Blouin, Mining moratorium essential to protect water, LaCrosse Tribue, January 15, 2017, Al Gedicks is the exectuvite secretary of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council a long time member organization of WNPJ.

Joyce Quinn, Israel's Occupation. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 3, 2017, WNPJ Member and longtime peace activist, Joyce Quinn, was WNPJ's Lifetime Award recipient in 2015.

Eric Hansen, Sand oil pipelines threaten Wisconsin. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 18, 2016, WNPJ member, Eric Hansen, is an award-winning essayist, outdoor writer, conservation campaigner and public speaker.

David Newby, Ecomonic Diversity Still Matters, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/8/15. President emeritus of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Paul Geenen, Stronger gun laws needed. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/28/15. WAVE (a WNPJ member group) Supporter from Whitefish Bay and the Milwaukee Chapter Lead for Organizing for Action.

Michael Komba: Disturbed by child welfare system. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/4/15, Michael Komba is a member of Casa Maria Catholic Worker, a WNPJ member group.

Al Gedicks: Obama needs to listen to Wisconsin tribes. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/21/14. Al Gedicks is the executive secretary of the Wisconsin Resources Council, a WNPJ member group.

Sam Romano: Even the faithful cannot know the will of God. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/20/14. Sam Romano is with the United Nations Association--Wisconsin Division, a WNPJ member group.

Lynn Ketchum: A better use of campaign dollars could be found. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/19/14. Lynn Ketchum is director of the Madison-area Urban Ministry, a WNPJ member group. 

Kevin Gundlach: Immigration reform must include safe, fair labor. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/9/14. Kevin Gundlach is president of the South Central Federation of Labor, a WNPJ member group.