La Baguette Pays up After Picket

The Workers' Rights Center held a picket at La Baguette on the westside of Madison on Tuesday, June 3.  Two weeks ago, a former cook from the French bakery on the far west side, came to the WRC because his employer said he would not give him his last check because he didn't give two weeks' notice when he quit. When the WRC staff person called the business, the owner acknowledged that they were not paying the worker his last two weeks' pay because he did not give them enough notice. 

A group of about twenty picketed and chanted on the sidewalk in front of the bakery on Mineral Point Road over the lunch hour.  Mixing in chants in English, Spanish and French.  The feisty group asked the owners "where's the dough?"

During the picket a customer who had just left the bakery approached the picketline and told us that the owner said he had the check for the worker waiting at the cash register and we didn't need to keep picketing.  The group marched into the store to deliver a community letter requesting payment and to follow up on the comment made by the customer.  The owner was agitated and claimed that he had had the check waiting for the worker for three weeks.  Oddly the check was dated from just three days ago.  

Once again, we see that direct action is the quickest way to get recalcitrant employers to pay up.  Workers shouldn't have to go to this extent just to get their pay.  But as long as wage theft remains so common, we plan to increase the number of public actions we do to help workers get their money as quickly as possible.