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Green Bay sisters are going solar for convent: The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross are building a large solar facility at it's Green Bay convent. Included in the plans is a foot path designed to educate the public about solar energy. “We hope the community, school groups and business will find the site educational and will be inspired," said Sister Donna Koch, president of the Fransiscan community. The Green Bay Press-Gazette, 5/6/14. The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross is a WNPJ member group.

Demonstrators picket State Street sushi spot: Salvador Luna, a dishwasher who is owed  $12,000 in unpaid wages was joined by about 30 protesters outside the Takara Japanese Restaurant. “We’re going to continue sending a message to the Takaras of the world, who think they can get away with exploiting immigrant workers,” shouted Patrick Hickey, director of the Workers Rights Center. The Capital Times, 4/25/14. The Workers' Rights Center is a WNPJ member group.

Military vehicle builder will eliminate 760 jobs: The Oshkosh Corp., announced that it is eliminating 760 positions in response to reduced defense spending following the Obama administration's decision to end combat operations in Afghanistan in December. “We need to reshape our workforce with U.S. defense spending down as a result of tight government budgets and a return to peacetime operations,” said John Urias, Oshkosh Corp. executive vice president and president of Oshkosh Defense. But the company is competing for a $13.75 contract to build light tactical vehicles to replace the Humvees used by ground forces. The Wisconsin State Journal, 4/11/14. WNPJ is working with the local UAW to get state and federal support to help transition to employment in a peace-oriented economy.

Voters in 13 communities say 'yes' to limiting money in politics: Voters in 13 Wisconsin communities on April 1 were asked if they supported an amending the US Constition to make clear that "money is not speech and that only human beings — not corporations, unions, limited liability companies, nonprofit organizations, or similar associations — are entitled to constitutional rights. In all 13 communities the results were overwhelmingly in favor of such an ammendment. Big Money Bulletin, April,2014. Big Money Bulletin is the newsletter for the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a WNPJ member group.

State DOJ files first appeals in Capitol singalong cases: The Wisconsin DOJ appealed Dane County Circuit Judge John Markson's finding that the rules used to prosecute Solidarity Singalong participants were uncostitutional. "Given the zeal with which the Department of Justice has pursued these petty charges out of a now-resolved conflict, I am not surprised they have now appealed,” said Jeff Scott Olson, a lawyer representing one of the participants. The Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/14. The Solidarity Singalong is a WNPJ member group.