WNPJ members and groups in the news

Mansour (center): "I don't want to say that I am shocked when I arrived in the States, but I came from an unbelievable place."Despite the "chilly" weather, WNPJ members stay active. Click on titles to read the entire articles.

Madison-Rafah Sister City Project ambassador impressed by local youth facilities: "Every place I visited here is amazing.... But I don't like this weather," said Anees Mansour, director of the Rachel Corrie Cultural Center for Children and Youth in Rafah, while visiting  Madison as the guest of the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project. "They call Gaza the biggest open prison in the world. There is no hope, there are no smiles," he stated, when asked to contrast life in Rafah and Madison. His goal when he get's back to Rafah: "I want to connect people, especially the kids." Catherine Capelerro, Isthmus: The Daily page, 1/30/14. The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project is a WNPJ member group.

Online petition calls for halt to frac sand mining in Wisconsin: “Since 2011, legislative efforts have undermined Wisconsin’s democratic tradition and conservation heritage by weakening environmental protections, eroding the authority of the state Department of Natural Resources to make science-based rules, preventing DNR enforcement staff from doing their jobs and reducing public input in the iron mine permitting process,” reads a petition  by the WNPJ

environmental working group. The petition which seeks to end frac sand mining and to restore local control of the mining industry in Wisconsin has been endorsed by more than 75 civic and environmental groups. It was delivered to Governor Scott Walker, members of the state Legislature and various state and federal regulators. The Capital Times, 1/28/14.
High voltage lines unwise: "Those of us challenging the need for the Badger Coulee high voltage transmission lines in western Wisconsin support financially and environmentally sustainable energy solutions," write Rob Danielson and Debra Severson. They argue that efficiency rather than more transmission lines will benefit Wisconsin consumers both economically and environmentally. The Wisconsin State Journal, 1/17/14. Rob Danielson is secretary of Save Our Unique Lands, a WNPJ member group.