News by and about WNPJ members and groups

Four articles to close out the old year. Click on titles to read entire articles.

Student leader loves role: Colin Bowden, president of the MATC Student Senate and a member of Madison's Community Block grant Committee was the subject of a recent "Know your Madisonian" column.  Asked what he'd be doing in five years he replied "Helping improve people’s lives. That’s the major thrust no matter what it is."
The Wisconsin State Journal, 12/26/13. Colin is a former WNPJ work-study employee and currently has a work-study position with the United Nations Association of Dane County, A WNPJ member group.

Huge volunteer effort produces first tiny homes: The first of the little houses built by Occupy Madison along with "sweat-equity" by its future inhabitants was ready for occupation on Christmas Eve. Steve Burns helped with the design and construction and trained the many volunteers who worked on the home. The Wisconsin State Journal, 12/24/13. Steve Burns is a former WNPJ staff member.

Court ruling could affect Solidarity Sing Along cases: The Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled that defendents in civil forfeiture cases, including Solidarity Sing Along participants, are entitled to use the discovery process.  "I hope and expect that we’ll win most or all of these cases. But even if we lose I think it makes the administration look so foolish for prosecuting hundreds of peaceful people for singing in the Capitol,” said Jim Murray, and attorney representing some of the arrested singers. The Capital Times, 12/20/13. The Solidarity Sing Along is a WNPJ member group.

Walker signs mascot bill, informs tribes of reasoning: Walker claimed he signed the controversial Indian mascot bill to protect free speech, a position called "bogus" by the ACLU. Barb Munson of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association went further, asking “Why are they teaching our children to participate in and tolerate race-based stereotyping? .... It is an example of institutionalized racism." The Capital Times, 12/20/13. Barb Munson is co-chair of the WNPJ board. Read also this article in the Wisconsin State Journal.