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UW-Madison women to receive award: UW-Madison is honoring seven women with its Outstanding Women of Color award. Among them is WNPJ board member Karma Chavez, assistant professor of communication arts.The Wisconsin State Journal, 9/19/13.

Offenders just out of prison often head to homeless shelters: Madison homeless shelters are swamped with former prisoners who cannot find housing. The problem is exacerbated by the release of prisoners convicted in other communities into Madison where they have a better chance of getting treatment for substance abuse and finding employment. But the Department of Corrections' contracts for 125 beds in Dane County are not adequate. Linda Ketchum, executive director of Madison-area Urban Ministry says the problem is a result of "legislative policies putting money into prison beds instead of community-based programming." The Capital Times, 9/13/13. Madison-area Urban Ministry is a WNPJ member group.

Why is tax money being spent to promote hunting and trapping? The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has seized control of the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. According to DNR head Cathy Stepp, the change will make it easier for Wisconsin to recruit more hunters, anglers, and trappers. But why should taxpayer money be used to support these cruel activities? Instead we should "look to Wisconsin's progressive heritage of adapting to the times - challenging traditions that have become unjust, unwarranted and unnecessarily violent," wrote Charlie Talbert. The Capital Times, 9/13/13. Charlie Talbert is president of the board of the Alliance for Animals and the Environment, a WNPJ member group.

New menu guide makes it easier to be vegan here: According to Lynn Pauly, "Although Madison considers itself a progressive town, we're not quite as progressive we think, when you consider how many cities are fast becoming vegan-rich for ethical, health and environmental reasons." Now the Alliance for Animals and the Environment's new website,, has a vegan guide to area restaurants, making it easier for vegans to enjoy a meal out. The Capital Times, 9/3/13. Lynn Pauly is the co-executive director of AFAE, a WNPJ member group.

Vow to revive the Wisconsin Idea: Early in the 20th century, Wisconsin progressives worked to implement their Wisconsin idea, "the notion that Wisconsin should be the “laboratory of democracy, crafting well-constructed legislation aimed at benefiting the greatest number of people.” Today, instead of helping those in need,  Gov. Scott Walker and conservative legislatures are busy enacting legislation that makes life more difficult for struggling families and workers. Jennifer Epps-Addison and Robert Kraig, The Wisconsin State Journal, 9/2/13. Jennifer Epps-Addison is the economic justice director and Robert Kraig is the executive director at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a WNPJ member group.

Recreation should complement Badger site: Proposals by the DNR for the use of the reclaimed Badger Army Ammunition Plant site in Baraboo include some high-impact uses, including an ATV track and a shooting range - this on land that still contains contaminants that may pose health risks to users if the ground is disturbed. The Badger Oversight Management Commission has proposed that instead the area should be used for low-impact activities that "reflect the goals of the landmark 2001 Badger Reuse Plan." Laura Olah, The Capital Times, 8/27/13. Laura Olah is executive director of Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, A WNPJ member group.