WNPJ members keep on singing - and writing!

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Solidarity Singalong isn't about permits, it's about whose voices get heard.  "Campaign funders such as the Koch brothers and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce don’t have to come to the Capitol to be heard — they get invited to the governor’s mansion and he listens," writes frequent Solidarity Sing Along participant and Raging Granny Bonnie Block.The sing along is an attempt to get the "voice of the people" heard. Wisconsin State Journal, 8/15/13. The Solidarity Sing Along and the Raging Grannies are both WNPJ member groups.  (Bonnie and two other Grannies, along with a Madison Alder and Progressive editor Matt Rothschild, were later arrested for singing.)

Capitol crackdown could put a strain on lawyers. Lawyers who are representingthe singers who have been arrested in the Capitol at the noon-time sing along for free or at reduced rates are reaching the limit of the number of cases they can accept. One of them, Bob Jambois, is trying to have the state replaced by the Department of Administration on the case titles, which would allow successful defendants to collect the attorneys fee from the state. And  it should make the Capitol police use more discretion in making arrests. The Capital Times, 8/7/13. The Solidarity Sing Along is a WNPJ member group.

It is time to revisit experimentation on animals. "Translating the results of experiments on animals into improved health care for humans has proved to be devilishly difficult," writes Rick Vogle, of Alliance for Animals.This, along with the suffering experimental animals undergo, and the increasing awareness of animal cognition and emotion should cause humans to rethink the use of animal experimentation. The Capital Times, 8/7/13. The Alliance for Animals is a WNPJ member group.

Stick with ban on Indian mascots and logos. A letter to the editor by Z! Haukeness. Wisconsin State Journal, 8/8/13. Z! is WNPJ's Bring Our War $$ Home organizer, and WNPJ has long supported the WI Indian Education Association's work on the race-based "Indian" school mascot and logo issue.