Two letters by WNPJ members

Peggy Wireman on gun control: Let doctors decide what to discuss with patients. Wisconsin State Journal, 6/27/13. Please click on title to read the  letter.

Janet Parker on Rhythm & Booms: Smaller is better. I am glad Rhythm & Booms will be scaled back this year. Let's create a Warner Park July 4thcelebration that is neighborhood, park and city-focused. Dane Dances is a fantastic example of what is possible. It'd be fun to have local musicians, drum circles, a dance floor and DJ for kids and adults, local food carts, space for various neighborhood and volunteer groups, etc. I'd enjoy a very scaled back fireworks display at dusk. It could be done as environmentally responsibly as possible. Isthmus 7/12/13. Janet Parker works at the Farley Center Center for Peace, Justice & Sustainability, a WNPJ member group.