WNPJ members featured in the news

The New Yorker magazine recently reported on a ceremony held in the village of My Lai, Vietnam, to commemorate the massacre that took place there forty-five years ago. It featured the life journey Mike Boehm, a Viet Nam veteran who founded Winds of Peace, Projects in Viet Nam, a WNPJ member group,  to help the people of My Lai. “I dug up some old photos and there were children outside a primitive, dirt-floored school. I was looking at those photos and I saw what we had done. ...Those kids are now adults and their children now go to one of our new schools.” Read the story here.

Photo: Mike Boehm accepting the UNA -USA Global Citizen Award, 2008.

And the Capital Times interviewed Madeleine Para, of 350.org, a WNPJ member group concerned with climate change. “With a problem as big as climate change, if our government doesn’t move on it, all the other important things that are going on will not be sufficient,” said Para. read the interview here.