Solidadrity Sing Along in the news

WNPJ member group Solidarity Sing Along has been in the news a lot lately.  Here are some recent articles and letters: 

Frequent singer Sue Nelson (also of WNPJ member groups Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation and Habiba Chaouch Foundation) writes to the Wisconsin State Journal, "Singing truth to power has been one of the joys of my life. Members of the Solidarity Sing Along have been singing over the noon hour at the Capitol for more than two years." 

The Cap Times reports that the governor will try to use emergency rules to further crackdown on the Solidarity Sing Along, although "the singalong has taken place without incident for two years, so adopting an emergency rule at this point makes no sense."

The Isthmus reports that more charges against Solidarity Sing Along participants have been dismissed.  The lawyer for several singers pointed out the dubious nature of the charges, saying, "One hundred percent of the contested cases that have been concluded have been dismissed."