AFTW Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution

Passed at the state convention of the American Federation of Teachers-WI (AFTW) labor union, held October 27, 2012, in Manitowoc:

RESOLUTION #12: Bring Our War Dollars Home

Whereas, the U.S. Federal spending on war and defense is bloated and that money is needed for educations, jobs, health care, and other federal needs, and

Whereas, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and drone bombing in Pakistan) have caused tremendous suffering, and

Whereas, taxpayers in Wisconsin have paid $22.5 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, which could have funded instead one of the following for one year:

10.7 million Annual Energy Costs for a Household OR

16.8 million Children Receiving Low-Income Healthcare OR

344,800 Elementary School Teachers OR

2.5 million Fair Market Rent for One Bedroom Apartment OR

3.2 million Head Start Slots for Children OR

12.6 million Households Converted to All Solar Energy OR

26.4 million Households Converted to All Wind Energy OR

3.1 million Military Veterans Receiving VA Medical Care OR

4.9 million People Receiving Low-Income Healthcare OR

340,875 Police or Sheriff's Patrol Officers OR

2.7 million Scholarships for higher education Students OR

Whereas, our national leaders are threatening to start or support a new war in Iran, and

Whereas, it is important for unions to speak out on major economic issues of the nation, and

Whereas, there is a national movement to pass resolutions to “Bring Our War Dollars Home” supported by the New Priorities Network and US Labor against the War (of which AFTW is an affiliate), and

Whereas, the Milwaukee common council passed a “Move the Money” resolution in September 2012, and a similar resolution to “Bring Our War Dollars Home” was been introduced on Oct. 18, 2012 to the Dane County Board, therefore,

Resolved, AFTW encourages its members to support “move the money” and endorses all these referendum efforts by municipalities and counties to “Bring Our War Dollars Home.”